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What Is Aeroberry Golden Premium Package And How To Subscribe

DO you know that you can become a millionaire in 7 days with just 500 staked on 3.00 odds?
Read this powerful information below and thank our team later!

Day 7.

We made 1,865,835.91 Instead of 1 million on the 7th day because the odds were a bit higher than 3.00 daily. Click here to see full proof and find out more.

Aeroberry Golden plan will make you a millionaire in 7 successful days after you become a millionaire in 7 successful days, you will pay us 270,000 Naira or $800.
On the Golden plan, our company will be sending you 3.00 that won’t fail for 7 days, in case of any error we will start again from day one without you paying any fee. When you become a Golden member our company will ask you to stake 500 on our 3.00 odds on day one and roll over the profit plus the capital for the next 6 days. Here is the math below;
1. 500 x 3.00 = 1,500. (Day one).
2. 1,500 x 3.00 = 4,500. (Day two).
3. 4,500 x 3.00 = 13,500. (Day three).
4. 13,500 x 3.00 = 40,500. (Day four).
5. 40,500 x 3.00 = 121,500. (Day five).
6. 121,500 x 3.00 = 364,500. (Day six).
7. 364,500 x 3.00 = 1,093,500. (Day seven).

You can see from the scenario above that your 500 will make you a millionaire in 7 successful days.

However, for you to become a Golden member you will need to pay the Golden membership fee of 50,000 Naira or $170. This membership fee will last for a period of 1 year, meaning that after you pay the 50,000 Naira or $170 you will be getting sure 3.00 ods daily for a period of 1 year. Within this 1 year duration, the period for any 7 days that is successfully rolled over you will be paying us 270,000 Naira or $800. As at the time of this article, we usually hit the 1 million target twice a month, because games come only on days when we are sure that they are safe to play. This means that our 3.00 odds don’t come every day, it could come on Monday if Monday games are safe and appear again on Wednesday or Friday if Wednesday’s or Friday’s games are safe, or appear every day of the week if the games for every day of that week are safe.

Also, while you are receiving the 2.00 odds rollover games you will gain access to the Bronze VIP plan which is our first and cheapest plan for that same 1 year period. The Bronze plan cost 7,000 Naira or $40 for a month. Therefore the Bronze plan cost 84,000 Naira for 1 Year  (7,000 X 12 Months = 84,000) 0r $480 for 1 year ($40 X 12 months). But as a Golden member your membership fee of 50,000 Naira or $170 will cover you for both the 3.00 odds rollover and access to the Bronze VIP plan for 1 year, thereby saving 34,000 off the Bronze plan (84,000 – 50,000) or $310 ($480 – $170). Please note that our prices are non-negotiable. Please click here to learn more about the Bronze plan.

The 50,000 naira or $170 is renewed every  1 year within the period of 1 year you won’t pay any fee apart from our 270,000 Naira charge or $800 which is our fee for completing the 7 successful days.

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