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Must read before using our betting tips – Warning

Thanks for choosing to use our betting tips both free and paid. You are placing your trust on us to allow us guide you towards winning big in the betting business. We take this very seriously and will do our best the much we can to retain your trust.

However, it is good to state frankly that betting involves some aspect of technical expertise and luck. Aeroberry has some of the best technical staff in analysing soccer games in the world to give you the best analysis and predictions which will help you win big while you stake your bet. While you are sleeping, these experts spend all night sometimes to analyse the games so that by the time you wake up, they are ready for you. Therefore, the free games you enjoy is from the sweat and hard work of some people behind the scene. We are working really hard to make you win your games.

Nevertheless, some days are not good. It is part of the game. If you loose, we loose also. We never and would never intentionally want to give you false games to make you loose your bet. We would like to retain you and help you win always. But it is good to tell ourselves the truth. In betting you win some days and you loose some days. So whenever you make the personal decision to bet, you are making the decision too to accept the gain and risk involved.

We are one of the best soccer predictions site in the world. You will win more using our services than relying on your own effort. Feel free to compare using our services and trying it yourself.

So if you loose using our services, we apologise. However, know that is it part of the nature of betting. But feel free to always use our services. We are working day and night to bring you the best soccer predictions. This is the reason many people use today and all the time. We try our personal and technical best to increase your winning rate.