New Updates:

A fashion is a prevailing style as in dress or behaviour. Here in our focus is basically all forms of fashion designs.  This includes men and women designs. We will be looking at the various forms of it like dresses, pants, shoes, bags, and so on.

The type of designs we will be showcasing here includes African or western style of designs. So you will see African and Western fashion here.

I will be showing more of the African and Nigerian women designs. There are a lot to reveal here.  It is a vast developing area. I feel the world has not come to appreciate it enough as it should

Like I said also, men’s design is part of the deal. More than the European, I will focus on the African Men’s designs especially the Nigerian men’s design. Nigerians like other Africans are very creative. There are lots of Nigerian and African designs begging to be exposed to the world.

Lizquins Enterprise Nigeria
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