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Welcome to Aeroberry.com

Hello there! I’m the major admin, the creator behind Aeroberry.com. I’m thrilled to have you here and would love to share a bit about who I am and what this website is all about.

1. Who Am I?

I’m a Passionate writer, accountant and researcher with a passion for sports, soccer predictions, news, creativity, researching, studying and much more.

My journey in sport prediction and news Niche has been an exciting adventure, filled with learning, growth, and the pursuit of meaningful experiences. I graduated as an accountant since 2013 from the university of Nnamdi Azikiwe University[Unizik] and since 2013 I created this website Aeroberry.com to share my interest and knowledge with you.

As an accountant I am well taught in the areas of investments and return on investments(ROI), and when I graduated from the university and started trading on forex, bonds, debentures and other major investment portfolios out there, I discovered that sports trading or placing bets on sports is one of the fastest ways of growing your income and getting a return on your investment compared to other investment portfolios like investing in bonds, debentures, shares, forex, lands and some other forms of investment. Don’t get me wrong, I never said sport trading is the safest investment platform because you can lose all your money at once, especially without the help of a professional like me, but however, you can grow your money in around 90 minutes, you can double your money with 2 odds, triple it with 3 odds, or grow it even bigger with more odds and all of this will happen in around 90 minutes or less if you are playing live matches. Now when compared to lands, bonds, debenture, stock, shares and many other form of major investments, you may need days, or even years for your money to grow, as an example, you can’t buy a land today and expect the value to increase today, it takes years, however land has proven to be one of the safest form of investments but it requires time to grow your money. When I look for daily profit, I stick with sports trading and I am a professional in this field with many years of experience.

Like I said earlier on, I am an accountant since 2013 and I have been into soccer analytics and forecast since 2013, and this website has been in existence since 2013. Although we went offline from 2021 to 2023 for a major upgrade and came back in December 2023, The earlier years of our company was filled with major setbacks working with fraudulent tipsters and fraudulent admins which caused our website to be hacked tampered with by 3rd parties and made us lose a lot of money because of their lack of passion and fraudulent activities on our website.

However, Aeroberry is back, better and stronger and Aeroberry is here to take his place in the soccer prediction world as the King of soccer prediction. You will be amazed at how effective my soccer predictions are, I give soccer predictions with multiple outcomes starting from the smallest odds to the highest odds for a particular game, meaning one game can have various outcomes that are expected to come to pass ranging from the smallest odds to the biggest odds. if you are a safe player go for the smallest odds if you are a risk taker go for the biggest odds, we have them all on our website.

I have been gifted by God to be able to accurately foretell soccer predictions and when added to my accounting skills my Soccer predictions are out of this world, again don’t get me wrong, I never said my predictions always come to pass, sometimes they may fail, remember that there are some factors that may cause our soccer analytics or predictions to fail, factors such as injuries, red card, substitutions and even match fixing.
The bookies can’t pay everyone sometimes they fix games to stay in the industry, if they don’t fix games companies like bet365 and others may go into extinct because trust me there are some very sure games available every week which millions are staking on, but guess what? No company can pay millions of sport investors, hence they would fix games to stay in the market, except those companies want to go bankrupt and trust me, no company wants to go bankrupt. I am giving you first hand information as to why companies fix games, don’t think match fixing isn’t real, match fixing is real only that it is not available to the public and this is why FIFA penalizes anyone caught in the act. Big companies like bet365 and others as an example are fixing games to stay in the market and not off the market, hence why would a company fix games so as not to pay millions of sport investors only to give the same fixed games out to the same millions of investors to crash or bankrupt them?
Imagine Man city is playing against a team from division 2 and not from the same premier league, that game is almost a sure win because Man city to win the underdog team has at least 90% confidence level, now imagine billions of people staking such a game on Bet365 or other prominent bookmarkers without accumulating other games, if Man city wins, the company has no other option but to pay billions of people who stake on such a game, not every company has that amount of money to pay lot of customers, hence they must fix that game for Man city to lose so they don’t go bankrupt and when the game is fixed, the public won’t be notified that it has been fixed only the companies and the teams involved in the fixing knows about this and this is the irony of fixed games. Those company or teams involved in the fixed match dare not release it to the public.
So when you predict games don’t always assume that you are right, yes!!! you may be right but you would be shocked to see such games failing due to the reasons I mentioned above(match fixing, red card, injuries and others). Therefore avoid anyone who you see selling fixed games to the crowd especially on social media, people who have fixed games don’t make noise about it, so as not to be caught by FIFA which may result in heavy consequences when caught. Don’t follow the crowd.

Lastly, as a professional accountant, my advice to sport investors or traders out there is to have a guide when investing, you can’t just go investing your money on something you don’t understand or knows how it work, you can’t invest in forex, shares, lands, or any form of investment without consulting a professional. If you try such you may lose a lot, If you are using Aeroberry.com you are among the few who is lucky as you will be getting tips from accountants and financial experts to guide you in your investment journey. Never place a bet without checking on Aeroberry.com to know what we have to say about those games. I work with so many great football analyst

2. What is Aeroberry all about?

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