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Why Do Some People Remain Single for Life?


Why do some people remain single

It’s mostly thought that being married or being in a relationship is a natural process. However, many people have opted to remain single for the rest of their lives. Some people choose to be single willingly while others are due to life circumstances. This way of life has been accepted among many and more people are embracing it. The following are some of the reasons many prefer to live single for the rest of their lives:

Undesirable Experience

Most people who are single have gone through painful experiences while in relationships or were raised in broken homes. This experiences makes them lack the urge to be committed to another person. Children who have lived in abusive environments or were neglected tend to have negative attitudes towards marriage and relationships because they associate them with hurtful interactions. They prefer being single to protect themselves from what they have experienced. It is the same case with people who have experienced abusive and unfulfilling relationships and marriages.

Being Selective

It’s normally said that no one is perfect. However, most people end up being single because they are being too picky. This is mostly common to people who have witnessed or had a bad experience with relationships or marriage. We all have that list of desires we would prefer our future partners to have. And this is what we see on people’s profiles when we peruse through the dating sites like When this is not achieved, some people would rather remain single than find themselves in unhappy relationships. It can be hard to know someone from the word go, but there are some weaknesses that can be pinpointed from the moment you meet.

Feeling Unworthy

Most single people wish to be in fulfilling relationships but have a low self-esteem and think no one would be interested in them. Society is to blame most of the time due to the standards set for a person to be seen as worthwhile. This is mostly the case when appearance is concerned. Some people feel too fat or ugly to believe that they are worthy of being loved. This lack of confidence makes them push away potential partners. They do not trust anyone who is drawn to them and refuse to accept that everyone has his or her own charisma.

Other Interests

Most people choose to be single in order to have ample time to pursue their careers and other interests that focus on their own development. They view relationships as too much commitment that would distract them from their line of interests. A good example is people who are committed to serve the church for the rest of their lives as sisters and fathers in the catholic belief. Others choose to advance in their careers,for example being focusing on discovery and innovations.These people opt to focus on other fulfilling interest rather being tied down by family.


Being single is as normal as being in a relationship. The decision whether to be single or in a relationship should be made freely. What matters is the quality of life we lead and doing what makes us happy.

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