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Black Panther Actor, “Chadwick Boseman” Was Massively Trolled & Mocked On Twitter Before His Death

Do you know that Chadwick Boseman was trolled massively on twitter when his unintentional weight loss became very obvious.😭
Many thought he was into hard drugs.😪
He was diagnosed of colon cancer in 2016 at stage 3 and no one knew his struggle apart from family.

He remained strong and gave us at least 3 good movies, including BLACK PANTHER, while fighting for his own life.

We never saw the fear, the panic, and depression from the gruelling realities of his cancer prognosis.

He remained strong and kept working.
His condition was in stage 4, clinically intractable and ‘death-bent’ yet he brought the panther.

Did he know he was going to die?
Yes, but this man remained undaunted in a way that now shocks me.

He shot movies in between chemotherapy and surgeries.

You look at him and see big muscles and you think they are his biggest strengths.
Chadwick was a superhero and it had nothing to do with muscle and ATP.

He kept his struggle and pain to himself until death, did not bother us with it, yet people judged and mocked him.

If you follow him on twitter you would have seen what people said, mostly the so-called sensitive America, both black and white.

When you see significant physical changes on people, take a breath and ask yourself DO I REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THEM?
Ask yourself that before you give an unsolicited opinion.

So many women have struggles you would never know, some have issues with their thryroid glands and struggle with weight.

Some are too busy working to make ends meet that they barely have time to take care of themselves, people are struggling, let smiles not fool you.

Many comedians glide over their own problems to make you happy, beyond the money they get paid, they do it to give value and because they love to make others happy.

You see a single mother, and without even understanding her struggle, we are already shaming, blaming and judging.
This is why many are so scared to talk to anyone about what they are going through.

The planet has lost another man who brought so much class, talent, simplicity, and inspiration to the movie industry.

But this post is more about us the living than it is about Chadwick.

The strength in man is frail but some maximize that and even as humans, they bear and do things superheros could not do.

Pay attention, be sensitive, be humane, be kind, let love lead.




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