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12 Nigerian Compliments That Are Actually Lowkey Insults

“So if I was younger or older, I would be ugly??”

“Are you saying that I’ve been ugly the entire time you’ve known me?”

“Have I been smelling like dustbin before today??”

“Do it. Go ahead and call me ‘fat’ with your chest, you bastard.”

“So did you always just think I was stupid before today?”

“Bitch, I’ve already done it! What are you trying to say??!”

“Thanks. I actually having tiny rockets boots that aid with movement.”

“Like? What do you think I am really??”

“Honestly ehn, fuck you.”

“Are you saying I’m not worth much??

“I may be wrong but it sounded like you just insulted my entire family.”

“Really? Tell me, what are other *insert group* people like?”

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