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Tekno releases a new song – Woman

Tekno one of Nigeria’s top music artiste has been on sick leave since late 2018 from a throat problem which affected his vocal chord. However, that is not stopping him from releasing a banger this new year 2019. His fans has been waiting for him to come out of his sick leave, and he has not disappointed coming out in style.

His new song is titled, “Woman”. In the song he was elevating the status of women in the society. The typical African and specifically Nigerian society is more of a male dominated society. The statement credited to Buhari while in Germany describing his wife Aisha Buhari as belonging to the “other room” describes the thought of an ordinary Nigerian man about the place of the wife in the house – kitchen, bed room, reproduction etc.

In a way, we could say this song of Tekno is revolutionary. He mentioned some of the stereotype against women in the society in the song like:

a. belonging to the kitchen

b. not talking in meeting where you have men

What a beautiful song. Then later in the song he stated that a woman can be “a president”, “a teacher” and that he prefer his woman to be beside him (Sweet).

Indirectly in the song, he promotes the ‘girl-child’ education which some society in Africa frown at. If a woman can be a teacher or president, then they need to go to school.

Regarding the sound and beat, it is just proper Tekno sound and beat. Very danceable, well planned rhythmic beat with purpose. No sound or beat is superfluous. They all fall in place in the song and suit the lyrics. The beat has that mixture of Osadebe and Oliver de Coque Highlife song beat with modern afro beat twist on it.

Congrats Tekno. Wishing you more beautiful hit songs.

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