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What To Expect After Paying For Bronze Membership!

What Do I Get As A Bronze Premium Member?

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Ignore anyone with the word “fixed games” because they may be scammers and we have encountered such fraudsters before. Here at, we give you the best of picks in 2 ways.

Why not try our paid tipsters and see more results. proudly offers the best tip for everyone’s viewing pleasure, every tip published on this website are seriously analyzed and are collected from professional and top punters all around the world. This means that the games you see on our website daily are top games played by professionals in the punting industry. This explains the reason why we don’t update games early enough or not publish games on most days, we only publish games on days where we could spot banker bets and get information from top tipsters all around the world. Information derived from this website would have cost you more but we give them all for free.

What does Aeroberry’s Premium membership entail and what motivated us?

Our website publishes banker bets and followers noticed the success rate of our tips, we venture into different markets [e.g First half win, over 0.5 goals in first half, under, Halftime/Fulltime and a lot of other options] where many websites could not venture into and still make outstanding performance/result. Due to these reasons followers kept calling us for banker bets and specific banker bets. Many of our followers find it difficult to select the best games from our daily banker bet and hence wanted us to get the job done for them. Truth be told that almost all games posted on our website are played by most of our admins, hence followers would also love to play those games we play too so as to make a profit.

Do we Scam our Client / Followers?

The answer to this question is ” No “. Our Company was formed in 2013 and till now had gained a lot of followers and subscribers, our website gains a lot of views on News, Entertainment, Banker Bet and lots more and a lot of these people keep testifying to our games published almost every day. We can’t afford to scam our followers as that would tarnish our reputation. We would post games to you as promised and answer your call whenever you call on us. After payment, we won’t stop answering your calls nor refuse to publish games on our premium pages as this will not tell good of us.

Finally, we don’t deal with just Betting Tips, we also offer News, Entertainment News, Fashion Gossip, and a host of other activities so we can’t afford to lose our followers nor tarnish our reputation.

Our first experience with customers !!!

When Aeroberry started it had just a few admins thus making it difficult to attend to almost all areas of our website, This made us purchase games for hundred of Dollars and Euro[s] from some foreign websites and we distributed these games to our members, we only realized we had made a big mistake when most of the tip they gave to us failed at intervals for a good number of weeks. When we noticed this we refunded some members their money but could not refund all due to heavy losses that we made by buying games from tipsters who were unreliable.

This gave us a bad reputation initially until we employed top professionals to manage our punting section and this yielded tremendous results. These professionals are five in numbers and are situated overseas. They provide our Unders, Overs, BTS, and other hosts of markets found on our website.

What do I get as a premium member?

As a premium member of, you would be sent a URL and a password once your payment is confirmed. Contained in this URL on our website are 99% confidence level banker bets. These banker bets have incredible high success rate and the odds for these games range from a total odd of 5.00 and above.

The minimum odd we send to members are 5.00 while there are no maximum odds. The number of maximum odds is dependent on the number of games with high accuracy we could spot on a particular day.

As a member is a profit guaranteed?

We take punting seriously and as a full-time job. Our return from punting/betting in a month is more than most CEO’s salaries in a year. Take a look at our won images just from investing in the football market in a month, clearly, we are top professionals in punting.

No doubt football is the highest form of ” Roi ” [ Return On Investment  ], meaning you can invest 500,000  today and make a gross profit of 1 million in just a day for an odd of 2, as simple as that. Clearly, no investment can pay you as high as that within a short period of time[bonds, shares, debentures e.t.c not even forex ]. We know the true value of money because we work with professional accountants.

Our total goal is to see that you make extremely huge profits as games given to you would be from 95% to 99% confidence level. It is imperative to note that we don’t sell fix matches or claim to sell any so as to avoid getting the wrong impression. Our games are games that have been severely analyzed and have little chance of failure.

Within a few days after subscription, you would be smiling to the banks almost every day.

Note -:- Any day where we can’t find banker bets, members are notified on the premium page and those days won’t add to their subscription.

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