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The Bronze VIP Plan Winning Rate

Our winning rate!

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Here is a piece of quick advice from our team, “if you are losing so many bets, then you are lacking discipline, experts or professionals who they themselves find it very easy to beat the Bookies and most especially you are not doing the right thing or you are not with the right team”. Soccer investment or gambling as non-professionals will call it requires a high level of discipline, follow up of matches, and having a great team of accountants who are good at predicting the markets. We are aware that there are tons of fraudsters out there that is why we give you our free games to see how good our tipsters are, Click here to see our free games for today and follow it up in case you haven’t seen our free games before. If our free games are that good even when we include risky banker games to them that we separate with the different colors, you should know that our VIPs are top-notch. On our free games, we combine both risky and safe banker bets and we separate them with colors for you also for a particular color e.g. games with the red font color; some of them in red are far safer than some others with the same red, that is why we say that our confidence level for the games underlined in the red font color has a confidence level of around 80% and above, therefore some may be around 90% while others may be around 95%,  games with the pink font color have a confidence level of 70% and above while games with the blue font color have a confidence level of 50% and above.
Click here to learn more about why we differentiate our free games with multiple colors in case you may want to know more.
The free games are so because we try to give you games from almost all the leagues around the world including small leagues but the problem with this is that most small leagues matches are usually fixed by the Bookies or sometimes factors like Injuries, substitutions, Red cards e.t.c may affect our predictions.

For the Bronze plan, our winning rate stays at around 4/7. What this means is that we win at least 4 times out of 7 days a week, Although some weeks could be more.  For lucky weeks or high winning weeks, the winning rates are very outstanding, however, there have been some weeks where we have hit 3/7 or 3 winning days out of 7 days in a week instead of the usual 4/7, but it rarely occurs and those weeks are what we call our worst weeks.

If you have lost so many bets then you can use this formula which we will tell you below and if you don’t have enough capital to subscribe to the Golden or Silver plan then you may need to subscribe to our Bronze VIP plan or use our simple winning formula discussed below.

On the Bronze VIP plan, we use a very simple staking plan, although we have complex staking plans like the Martingale staking plan and others since most of our millions of subscribers around the world aren’t professionals we use the simplest staking plan which is the flat basis staking plan. Simply explained, the flat basis staking plan requires you to stake the same amount for a week or a month or for a period of time. So assuming I staked 1,000 on Monday On Tuesday I will need to stake another 1,000. I won’t increase nor decrease my stake that is why it is called the Flat basis staking plan, you stake the same amount of money for a given period of time. If you either increase or decrease it, it is no longer a flat basis staking plan.
Remember, discipline is the mother of success, you must discipline yourself, if you are serious about beating the Bookies and stay with a good staking plan and be consistent with it in order to achieve mastery. You will be surprised at how we use the flat basis staking plan to cash in lots of profits from the Bookies weekly with a minimum of 4/7 winning rate in a week which is our usual benchmark for the Bronze premium plan. Continue reading below, this is an eye-opener.

Remember that 4/7 is our usual winning benchmark, for some weeks it could be more but for this scenario, we would use 4/7 (4 winning days out of 7 days) which is our common winning benchmark as at the time this article was written.

Remember that we hit nothing less than 4/7 in a week, therefore for any day you stake 1,000 on our 5.00(1,000 X 5 odds) odds and we win, you will make 5,000. For this example, we will use 1,000 as our stake. Therefore, 5,000 made from any winning day X 4 Expected winnings in a week gives us 20,000 at least for our usual winning week(5,000 X 4 winning days = 20,000).
However, if we hit 3 winnings in a week which is the case for our worst winning weeks we will make 15,000 at least(5,000 made from any winning day X 3 winnings for our worst week =15,000). If we hit 2 wins we make 10,000 and if we hit one win we will make 5,000 using the same scenario above as well as if we win the 7 days in a week which rarely occurs but happen sometimes we will make 35,000. Please note that as at the time of this article, we have never won once or twice in a week before, the least winnings for worst weeks are 3 while the usual winnings are 4 or above out of 7 days. Things may change in the future, we may have more winnings or less. However as at the time of this article our worst winning in a week stays at 3 wins at least out of 7 days.

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