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How Profit is Made From Aeroberry Bronze VIP Plan.

Is profit really made from our VIP plans?

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Using our free VIP betting tips gives you lots of profit no doubt on some days. There have been some days where all our free games have won and there have also been some days where one or more may fail the game.
See proof of some days where our free games all won by following the links below. You can skip the links for a later time and continue reading below after the 7 links.

1. See our outstanding performance on the 23rd of January 2020.

2. You will be shocked on Friday the 27th of September 2019 as all the free games won!

3. See another massive winning on the 25th of September 2019, so many members won like crazy.

4. Another winning again on Tuesday the 17th of September as all the bankers won again!

5. See this Incredible winning for Monday Soccer predictions 16th of December, all bankers won.

6. See what we won on Thursday the 5th of September 2019. You will love the games!

7. See what we won on Saturday the 24th of August 2019. You will be amazed!

8. See what we won on Wednesday the 14th of August 2019. You will be shocked!

The above is proof that our free games sometimes record a won bet for all tips, click here to follow our free tips if you haven’t followed them before, we update games fully around 9:30 AM Nigerian time on that page daily, that means once you refresh the page daily you will find new games.

Our free games don’t win all the time, sometimes one or two-game(s) may fail because some risky banker bets are also added like full time draws ]and many others, that is why we split them with different colors. using the red colors for the best games, the pink as the 2nd best and the blue as the 3rd best. However, if you split our free games into several tickets, you will be hitting more wins than lost bets, and that is the one secret most free members use in winning lots of games most times using our free soccer predictions.

Unlike our free games, our VIP plans follow a strict formula for winning. On the Bronze VIP plan, we use the flat basis staking plan meaning we stake the same amount of money during the week without increasing our stake or decreasing our stake. If we lose 5 or 6 days out of the 7 days in a week and we stake 1,000 daily for a week that means we will lose 5,000(for the 5 days lost) or 6,000(For the 6 days lost) however this have never happened before as at the time this article was published, our worst losses have been 3 judging from the previous performance. Using 5 or 6 losses in a week we are still not losing much with the fact that latter weeks more winnings can be achieved. In fact, if we have 6 losses in a week and win one day that means we will lose 6,000 for the 6 lost days if we stake 1,000 daily(1,000 X 6 losing days) and make 5,000 for the one winning day(1,000 stake X 5.00 odds).
As well as if we win 2 days out of the 7 days in a week and lose 5 days,  using the same maths above we will lose 5,000(1,000 stake X 5 losing days) and make 10,000 for the 2 winning days(5,000 made from any winning day X 2 winning days).
Therefore you can even see that even with 2 wins in a week, we will still be making a profit but not much profit using the flat basis staking plan if our winning is twice in a week, that is why we usually maintain 4 or more winnings in a week or 3 for our worst weeks. If we win twice in a week, we will lose 5,000 and make 10,000. Great investment right?

Now using the same mathematics calculate how many losses you will hit and how much you will win if you hit 4 or more winnings and lose 3 or less in a week. If we have 4 wins in a week, we will make 20,000 and lose 3,000 for the 3 losing days as well as if we hit 5 wins in a week, we will lose 2,000 for the 2 lost days and make 25,000 for the remaining 5 days of winning. You can do the maths for 6 and even 7 wining days, there has been a week where we won 8 times in a row that our winning streaks exceeded a week, but it happened just once, since then it hasn’t happened for a while, although it may happen again in the future and we don’t know when either, we are only committed to giving you our best of games and if it results to outstanding winning streaks, good for us. The moral of this story is that you should not roll over our Bronze games, If you want to roll over games you should consider the Silver or the Golden VIP plans because we don’t win all the time on the Bronze VIP plan. So let’s say on Monday we may win and lose on Tuesday and win Wednesday and Thursday and lose Friday and win Saturday and Sunday.

Important to note is that in the above example, we were using the and least expected winnings. Did you notice that in the image above, the odds were more than 5.00? It’s sometimes like that because we understand that 5.00 odds for a particular Bookie could be lesser or higher in other Bookies I.e 5.00 odds on Bet365 may be lower or higher on so sometimes the odds are not exactly 5.00 odds, sometimes it could be around 9 odds, 7 odds, 6 odds or even more or less. That means more winnings so even if you hit 6 losses in a week and you hit one win with 9 odds, using the Flat basis you will be still be making a profit. Also if your stake is more than 1,000 let’s say you stake 2,000 or more weekly that means more profit too. These are not the only benefits; have you considered our system bets given on weekends that are nothing less than 50 odds? Sometimes it is up to 300, 400, or 200 odds. As a Bronze member we have you covered, the plan has been designed that by the end of your one-month subscription with us, you will have a reason to renew your subscription with us and not choose other companies. A TRIAL will convince you. Kudos to you as you join our winning team.

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