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The biggest mistake a punter can make is not having a staking plan or money management system in place.

Now, what is a money management system?

I decided to start with this because it’s the first component you need to sort out before picking games. You need to have a money management method in place before you start staking. Money management (referred to as MM by pro-bettors) is the specified amount a bettor uses to bet every time he stakes a bet on a match.

Money management is a simple approach to manage your bankroll that enables substantial long-term profit, while effectively reducing the risk of losing your bankroll totally even when you hit a long losing streak.

Money management enables your bet size to increase when you are winning and decrease when you lose. There are two ways to use Money management but both lead to the same destination.vflticket2

Let’s start with the first one – only stake 5% of your total bankroll, for further explanation; let’s say you have N10,000 as the balance in your betting account, using the 5% staking plan, you should only stake N250 on a bet, if you win at 2.00 odd, the return will become N500 which mean the total of your balance is N10250.
Then the next time you want to stake, you will calculate the 5% of N10,250, which will be the amount you stake on your next bet. This first component helps you increase your balance exponentially while limiting the amount you lose.over0.5goal in 1st half acc proof
Then if you lose, you simply calculate 5% of your remaining bankroll e.g if you lose N250 on a bet, you will have N9,750, to place your next bet, you will calculate the 5% of N9,750 to place your next bet. The truth is that having money management in place will save you a lot of losses and minimize your losing streak. It will also help you turn football betting into an investment and not just ordinary gambling.over0.5goal in 1st half acc proof2

When you combine a good money management system and some of the secret ways I use to win massively… what you will get is raking profit week in week out from football betting.

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