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Shocking And Unbelievable -:- See The Winning Screen shoot Of Aeroberry Bronze VIP Member On The 18th Of August 2018

Shocking, Incredible, too good to be true, Aeroberry VIP Plans Records Huge Outstanding Winning Rate After Employing New Tipsters.

In case you are confused and don’t know why we use different colors and multiple options to differentiate games Click here to learn more for what each color mean for each game and why we sometimes add multiple options for a game.

On Thursday 16th of AUG 2018, when we failed to publish betting tips for that day we notice that many member became furious with us for carrying out our normal system maintenance, although some still understood us, however it was a heated argument that got us worried. Click here to see our post on Thursday Soccer Predictions 16th August and members reply to that post.

Undoubtedly  is among the top ten websites in the world for accurate football analysis and prediction. Aeroberry have served millions of customers since its inception in 2014 with its free games and VIP platform, helping fans and customer to achieve a great feat in the punting industry.

Click here to see the Winning record on our three VIP plans for the past few days.

Aeroberry a proud multinational company that spans across different countries in the globe saw its peak in 2015 – 2016 but experienced a sharp decline in 2017 after contracting some fraudulent tipsters who claimed to sell both sure and fixed games to the company. The company(Aeroberry) purchased the game with a contract agreement lasting for 2 years+ but to its greatest surprise, most of those games bought did not deliver as promised. That led to a massive decline in sales, as Aeroberry would not want to promote information that would be misleading to the public. However, the contract with third-party tipsters has ended, as Aeroberry employs and raises the pay for its free tipsters to handle and send only the best games spotted to its VIP members.

Almost every day our VIP members have been smiling non-stop to the bank, staking hugely and withdrawing massively from their betting accounts. Sport investment requires great accounting skills and knowledge, it also requires experience and having the right team. Aeroberry has the required tools needed to beat the Bookies that is why we have a lot of followers on our VIP plans.

Below we will be compiling Aeroberry Bronze, Silver, and Golden performances for the past few days. We are going to start with the Golden customers, followed by the Silver and lastly the Bronze VIP members. Some of the VIP games sent to members are uploaded on the free page sometimes but not all the time.

In case you don’t know the difference between these three plans, Click here to learn about the Golden plan, Click here to learn about the Silver plan, Click here to learn about the bronze plan.

Click here to see the Winning record on our three VIP plans for the past few days starting with Golden members.

Below is a screenshot from 18th August 2018 Bronze ticket one games sent to VIP members. a member played it as single bets instead of accumulators. However, it was sent as an accumulator game.

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  1. profile image Jerry 18th AUG
    Aeroberry, you guys are the best, I have not seen any website like you in the entire world. Your Saturday premier league prediction on the 18th of Aug was superb, I enjoyed them.
  2. profile image King of fixed 18th AUG
    Email me now to get my sure fixed games of 200 odds,, its 100% real.
  3. profile imageSpencer 18th AUG
    Aeroberry please help us your free members please, my friends on your VIP plans are happy but it seems that German and Spanish game failed your free analysis on the 18th of AUG 2018. I added Villareal and they messed me up.
  4. profile image Karthlog 18th AUG
    Aeroberry how can I sub for your Golden plan, I am from Germany, I will email you now
  5. profile image Jarius 18th AUG
    Aeroberry have you replaced those your old tipster? Thank God finally. I thought you want to to kill your reputation before you will change them even we your first customers that won so much with you, started losing when you changed your tipsters. Please dont employ those losers again. I hate them. I am so happy to have you guys here.
  6. profile image Marcus 18th AUG
    Your bank page is not opening, I need your Western Union details. I am paying in Monday morning.  I hope to win like my other friends here.
  7. profile image Splendor 18th AUG
    Your free analysis is on point, always on point. Kudos team. I am still saving up my money I want to start with the Silver plan. That is what I can afford for now.
  8. profile imageMark 18th AUG
    Aeroberry I am sending you a mail now, please reply. The last time i sent you guys a mail, i didn’t get any reply at all.
  9. profile imageFred 18th AUG
    Today’s ticket two was not except it to fail. I put plenty money on dat games but it fail. Please help me recover my money back. i hop tomorrow games will favour me because i want tp put plenty money today too.
  10. profile imageAdeyemi 18th AUG
    Please admin i want to subscribe to your silver plan. how can i do that? How much will it cost me and how many games will i be getting cos i want to upgrade from bronze to silver. do you people give more gamesb in silver than bronze?
  11. profile imageRajvir 18th AUG
    Hy i am raj. what is diferent of VIP and broze? How much?
  12. profile imageWilliams 18th AUG
    Ah thank God o. it seems you guys have changed your tipsters because i can notice the difference from my acct balance… lol.. Nice one though. Abeg make una no dey employ rubbish tipsters cos dem go ruin una image oo.
  13. profile imageIbrahim 18th AUG
    Please i have a serious complaint regarding something but i think i’ll send you guys a mail regarding the issue please do reply. Thanks
  14. profile imageFernandez 18th AUG
    Aeroberry una dey try o. See as una just dey spoil market for all those other betting sites. See as fraudulent betting sites full everywhere person no fit even differentiate which one legit pass. Kudos to una tipsters oo. I dey enjoy una games sha.
  15. profile imageJuan Felipe 18th AUG
    Tengo que suscribirme a los planes VIP antes de poder obtener juegos VIP? Por favor responde.
  16. profile imageSlicer 18th AUG
    Almighty Aeroberry, I am glad you guys are back again.
  17. profile imageRick Ross 18th AUG
    This one everyone is happy here, I am new to this website. Please can someone tell me whta is happening here?

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