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What is Paul Pogba saying in this photo ?

Manchester United had a magical come back to defeat Man City in their Saturday derby. In the first half of the game Man City led by 2 – 0. During the first half Raheem Starling missed two clear chances which could have made the first half to end 4 – 0. Meaning that Man City were in full control of the game in the first half.

However in the second half, Man United came into the game with a new revived spirit to fight on like a wounded Lion. And the rewarding result was that they won the game  2 – 3. No body saw this coming. It was a surprise come back.

To top the icing on the cake, Paul Pogba scored two goals in the game – the first and the second goals. Both goals were a beauty to behold.

Before the game, Pep Guardiola had set the media world buzzing with a banger story that Raiola had offered to sell Mhikitaryan and Pogba to Man City. However, Man City could not buy Pogba because at the time they don’t have the money to do so. This set the whole soccer environment in the EPL on fire talking about this kept secret. For your interest, it has been in speculation that Pogba has been planning to leave Man United since he fell out of good relationship with Mourinho. Mourinho unarguably has not been placing him in a good position to get the best out of him and the resulting situation is that Pogba has not been his best since joining Man United.

Now after scoring this two important goals at the Manchester derby, Paul Pogba posted this picture below on his twitter page. It is a picture that one could say has a lot of meaning depending how you want to read it. So for you, looking at the background leading to this, what does the picture say to you ?

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