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Nigerians React To Buhari’s Rejection Of Peace Corps

President Muhammadu Buhari’s rejection of the proposed Peace Corps of Nigeria has raised concerns among Nigerian youths.

Buhari on Tuesday rejected the proposed bill citing security concerns, duplication of roles and lack of funds as his reasons.

Reacting, Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Dickson Akoh, said the rejection of the Peace Corps bill showed there was conspiracy against the Nigerian youth.

However, some Nigerians who had their hopes up in being employed by Peace Corps have condemned Buhari’s refusal to sign the bill.

They berated the Buhari’s government over lackadaisical attitude towards curbing unemployment rate despite its promises to Nigerians.

Meanwhile, some applauded the rejection of the bill, citing that there are too many security agencies in the country and that Peace Corps was not solution to unemployment.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians:

@horluwahsegun “You promised to create millions of jobs yearly but rejected the Peace Corps Bill that would have helped you create obs

@citypope Unemployment has riddled Nigerian youths to it bone marrow and the only meaningful means of employment with the peace corps bill has been rejected by President buhari, is now left for the Senate to veto power on the bill as the only hope for the youths in Nigeria…Now that the president has rejected the peace Corps bill, which could have helped in curtailing the menace of terrorism by offering intelligence gathering, more youths will be pushed to evil of terrorism. I urge the sir you push a veto on this bill to help our teeming unemployed

@farm executives If truly we have that fund to fund peace corps,am so grateful that PMB turn it down,cos is like creating 2 problems to solve 1,member should be trained and absorbed into Civil defence or Nigeria police.

@adeyanjudeji “You promised to create millions of jobs yearly but rejected the Peace Corps Bill that would have helped you creat over 200,000 direct jobs. President Buhari is beyond clueless

@teejay “For this one I do not agree.. I see no reason for peace corps. Our security agencies are a mess and u want to add another

@ghaffar “I support Mr President on his rejection, more security agency more money wasted in promoting corruption

@realonei “Buhari refused to sign PeaceCorps into law, what will happen to all the money paid by these Applicants to Mr Dickson Akoh?

@Ovy47 “I’ve never even understood Peace Corps. We have the NPF (who aren’t behaving themselves) and the NSCDC ( who are really stepping up). Security organisations are no joke. Don’t wake up one morning and say you want to be legislated remain voluntary!

@kelbiko “Is the Peace Corp meant to solve security challenges or unemployment problems? If it’s the former, we already have enough agencies that require enablement to function properly. If it’s the latter, the education sector can do with some intervention.

@atandakayode “How well have we standardized the paramilitary such as NSCDC that we clamour for another. We can’t be duplicating functions 4 political gain

@twitmexy “Peace Corps another set of folks with uniforms doing nothing like civil defense? Jobs should be productive jobs not uniform jobs.

@Awelewa_obinrin “what Nigeria needs right now is adequate maintenance of the existing law enforcement agencies we have so as to pave way for efficiency. What’s the use of adding Peace Corps if the ones we have are not effective?

@stefanweeks “The president is right on this one. Police and civil defence handles/can handle most of Peace corps description. Also not sustainable at the moment.

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