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A MUST READ – Signs That Tell She Doesn’t Love You

Some ladies could be funny when they react to people especially guys that they don’t have feelings for, well I have come up with some tips to know when a girl doesn’t love you.

1. HER FRIENDS ADVISE YOU TO FIND ANOTHER GIRL: Who would know a girl better than her friends? Once her friends drop subtle hints for you to find another girl, then maybe it’s time to do just that.

Her friends would surely know she doesn’t like you back because you can bet your bottom dollar, they’ll have discussed you behind your back.

So when they hint that you find another girl, it’s a way of telling you that your love object does not appreciate you and its best to begin hunting again.

2. SHE’S ONLY INTERESTED IN YOUR MONEY: If a girl is only interested in what your money can buy, then you must take to your heels this very instant.

If she goes on a shopping spree with your hard-earned money, wants only expensive things that she can’t afford, and nags when your funds are low, then you must take the sign that she’s only interested in your money and flee.

3. SHE SAYS “LET’S REMAIN ONLY FRIENDS”: Of course this is an obvious one, but if a girl you love only wants to be friends, then perhaps it’s time you start to sample her other friends instead?

When a girl only wants to be friends, then it’s clear she’s not in love with you even though she may like you, but not romantically. Friendship can sometimes lead to romantic relationships, but when a girl insists on “just being friends” or saying something like “i love you as a friend”, it’s better to not hold out much hope.

4. SHE DOESN’T SHOW YOU OFF TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY: She doesn’t need to say anything romantic, but showing you off to friends and family says a lot about the desire to be with you – maybe forever.

When a girl wants you to escort her around, to parties, out shopping, to her family home, and on trips away, then it’s a sure sign she’s in love with you. But where none of these is existent, then you may have to start looking to hook up with someone else.

5. SHE DOESN’T TOUCH OR BRUSH AGAINST YOU IN ANY ROMANTIC WAY: A sure sign that a girl loves you or wants to be with you is touching or brushing against you.

She laughs out loud and smacks you on the shoulder. She talks and looks you in the eyes. She brushes imaginary objects off your hair and clothes.

She sits and inclines towards you. She touches you constantly without excuses or apologies. She brings her chair closer and pays you all the attention when you talk. BUT when a girl does none of these, then she doesn’t think of you in that way.

6. HER DESCRIPTION OF HER IDEAL GUY DOESN’T IN ANY WAY LOOK LIKE YOU: A girl doesn’t like you in that way, if she describes her ideal partner and its nothing like you.

You may have to activate a search mode if you find her describing her dream guy that is so different from you.

A sure sign that a girl doesn’t like you is if she constantly harps on about certain qualities that you just do not possess in any way so as to make you inadequate or uncomfortable.

7. SHE DOESN’T MISS YOU IN ANY VISIBLE WAY: One major way to know a girl is not into you is if she never misses you. Can you miss a stranger? No.

So regardless of your love for her, you remain a stranger to her if she never misses you. You might text her 3-4 times in a day but she never texts back, or she never takes the initiative to reach you first. Be wise and walk now before you miss out on other eligible girls.

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