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Is Linda Ikeji not looking gorgeous in these pictures ?

Linda Ikeji Pictures and Style

and successful bloggers. In fact, she is the most successful blogger in Nigeria. However, before she went into blogging, she was a model. And you can tell in her choice and style of dressing today that she knows what to wear that really matches her shape and the colour of her skin. Today, we have chosen to show you some of her dress styles. What do you think about them ? Is she not gorgeous in them ?

Do you think she made the right choice in the colour of the cloths ? And what do you think about how the cloths fit well on her ? Think of her height and the cloth too ? Do you see a good blend of everything ? What do you think about the simplicity of the fashion ? The cloths are simple but very fashionable, isn’t it ? This is what it means to have a good sense of aesthetics and style. I think apart from being a good blogger, she can also be a good stylist. Is it not so ?

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