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Which of these two hairstyles fit Linda Ikeji best ?

Linda Ikeji, a super rich Nigerian female blogger posted on her instagram page these photos below with different hairdo. And  she wanted her fans to tell her which of the two hairstyles fit her more. So what do you think yourself ?

For us here on aeroberry, we think both hairstyles are very good on her. She looks really amazing in them. Now, to state which specific hairdo has an edge over the other, I think aeroberry will say the second one where she is wearing a yellow top.

Our technical analysis:

The first one has that simple, beautiful feel on her. Of course, Linda is naturally beautiful. So the first one shows her natural beauty the more.

However, the second hairstyle, has that look of class –  the classy chic look. It gives her the feel of a rich, beautiful, upper class lady.

In other words, aeroberry will say that the difference is more in the feel (personality) it portrays than the beauty. Linda you look great in both.

Hope you agree with us. lol

Which hairstyle do you prefer on me? 🤩😍

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