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Kemi Olunloyo Finally Reveals Why She Has Been At War With Linda Ikeji

Kemi Olunloyo reveals why she always attacks famous

blogger Linda Ikeji

Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has opened up on why she is always at war with popular blogger Linda Ikeji.

Kemi who was pushed by Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi to apologize to Linda made a video were she addressed Hushpuppi, saying her beef with the media mogul isn’t something would end easily.

According to Madam Koo as she is popularly called, she crossed paths with Linda Ikeji when she had a s*xual affair with the fiance of her cousin named Adeola Olunloyo 12 years ago.

She narrated how she visited Nigeria from US in 2006 for the society wedding of her cousin named Deola Olunloyo, a journalist too who was set to get married to a high-profile Black American broadcaster, Dan Foster.

Things reportedly went south when Deola learned about Linda’s affair with Dan Foster forcing her to back out of the wedding which had already been fixed with food materials and drinks already purchased.

She added that all efforts to pacify her cousin to forgive Dan and continue with the marriage failed as she felt it was a bad beginning. From that point, she drew a battle line against Linda.

She said: “Linda and I have had a feud forever. Many of you don’t know what this feud is about. Lets give an example, the average age of persons out here taking panadol for Linda’s headache, cursing me on my pages is 25. 12 years ago, how old were you? 13. Did you know Linda at 13? No. You were a kid.

Deola Olunloyo, my cousin was marrying a high-profile On-Air-Personality, Dan Foster of Cool FM. Dan was an American, good-looking….big wedding. My uncle, Uncle Diti…he is dead now and all the Olunloyos had prepared this big wedding. Food, cows and everything and Deola was going to get married, a high society wedding.
About two and a half weeks before the wedding, everything was cancelled. Food was wasted, cows..everything. What happened? What could have happened? Deola broke up with Dan because Dan was having an affair and he was caught in the affair. With who? the bride’s side was mad….with a model. The model’s name was Linda Ikeji”

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