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#Headies2018: Crazy and eye popping outfits celebrities wore to Headies 2018

Outfits Nigerian celebrities wore to Headies 2018

This year’s Headies has come and gone however, not without the glamour and razzmatazz that goes with it. As much as some artists came and left with the awards, some celebrities came and caught the eye of anticipating Paparazzi and onlookers with their crazy, eye-popping, nice outfits. It was all a mix of the extreme, the casual, the just-ok and the elegant. As a matter of fact, Nigerian fashion designers and stylists seized on the opportunity to showcase their artistry and creativity as the celebrities came out cladded in their piece of exquisite art work.

Aeroberry have chosen some of the outstanding outfits worn to the Headies 2018. This is our choice. Yours may be different. So tell us what you think about these outfits they are putting on.

Naija artist dressing to headies photos

Naija artist dressing to headies 2018 may be next.

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