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Wonders of Engineering: The Longest Bridges in the World

Wonders of Engineering: The Longest Bridges in the World


the world longest bridges || longest bridges in the world

What are the world longest bridges ? Where are the longest bridges in the world found ? Some bridges are used to get from one side of an obstacle, such as a river, lake, or road to the other side. However, there are bridges that can be a part of great decor to your outdoor decor, garden patio decor, outdoor yard decor and so much more. While you are choosing building materials on for your yard makeover, we will show you the world longest bridges and where the longest bridges in the world are found.

The longest railway bridge: Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

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<p class=Danyang Kunshan  Grand Bridge is located  in the eastern part  of China, between the cities of  Nanjing and  Shanghai and is a  part of  the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. In combination, this massive and  incredible man-made structure  is the longest bridge on the  planet that entered the  Guinness Book of Records and  it covers 164.8 kilometers. We can categorically say that among the world longest bridges, it is the longest. The construction started in 2008 and  utilized 2.5 million  cubic meters of concrete and 500 thousand tons of steel. After a five-year construction period, in the summer of  2011 the $8.5 billion bridge  was finally put into operation.

The longest land bridge: Bang Na Highway

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Another of the longest bridges in the world is Bang Na Highway. Although Bang Na does not go over waters, this  highway is still considered  to be one  of the longest road bridge in the world. The highway is located in Bangkok, Thailand and comprises six  lanes and is 54 kilometers long. The bridge cost over $1 billion. In fact, this highway  is quite difficult to call a  full-fledged bridge, rather it is  a road elevated above the  surface. But such road  objects are always called bridge  type structures. The construction started in 1995 and completed in 2000. It took 1.8 million cubic metres of concrete to build the road. Bang Na is a toll road. However, there is  a free alternative that runs under the  highway.

The longest sea-crossing bridge: Hangzhou Bay Bridge

The longest sea-crossing bridge: Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is one of the world longest bridges. Before the final plan of Hangzhou Bay bridge was approved in 2003, it took couple of years of testing and evaluation. Now this cable-stayed bridge is the longest sea-crossing bridge that covers 36 kilometers and links Ningbo’s Cixi county in the south to Jiaxing in the north. It is famous for its S-shape and has a  service centre built on a platform resting on piers. The 10,000-square-metres service centre called Land between the Sea and the Sky and includes shopping, parking, restaurant facilities,  along with a hotel  and a 145.6  metre high observation deck. The bridge  was opened to public on May 1, 2008. The total project cost is $1.42 billion.

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