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System Bets -:- Best Betting Sites in Nigeria That Offers The System Kind Of Bet[Folds, Lucky 63, Super Heinz, Canadian E.t.c.].

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System bets.

System Bets[Fold, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] are generally a great way to insure your bets if you have been losing too many bets. System bets would allow you to win more games even when one or more games fails on your bet slip. However when playing System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] you should make sure that the odd for each game in your bet slip are from 1.70 and above. The Bookies know that odds from 1.45 downward are banker odds. Games which usually come with those kind of odds hardly fail, although they may fail some times [odds of 1.45 downward]. So if you include more than two little odds on your bet slip when playing System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] and one game fails on your bet slip, sometimes depending on the rules of permutation and combination use for calculating your potential winnings on System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] or if your games bet slip are only filled up with low odds, you may end up not getting up to your stake.

Rule No.1 when playing System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] is that you should always go for bigger odds.

Click here to learn more about the Folded kind of bet, that is another kind of system bets.

Therefore if you are the type of person who loves playing risky games [games with odds from 1.70 and above] then System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] would be great for you.

On Aeroberry Bronze premium plans, our tipsters usually send risky games[games with odds from 1.70 and above] to members during weekends. The games are usually from 8 to ten in number and each odd for every game on the bet slip are from 1.70 upward. In total the odds for our ticket No.2 during weekends are from 50 odds upward in total [some time the odd in total could even reach up to 1000].

Click on the Images link below to see some shocking winnings from the past. Also the Image above the post is one of the System Bets  [Heinz].

Images 1.
Images 2.
Images 3.
Image 4.

Looking at the images properly you would observe that among those games one or two may fail in the bet and yet the bet slip would be won, the reason was because our members played them as A System Bet [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] instead of the usual accumulator, whereby if one game fails then the bet slip would be ruined. So if you are finding it difficult to predict risky games with superb odds then Aeroberry Bronze Membership plan would help you to do that.

Click here to learn more about Aeroberry Bronze Membership Plan.

The aim of this write up is to show you the best three Bookies in Nigeria as of 2017 upward that offers the best advantage on System Bets [Folds, Lucky63, Super Heinz, Canadian e.t.c.] according to our research and findings. Also we would provide you with special links directly from the company’s site as this link would give you an upper edge to benefit from their latest promo[s] and fast payouts. So if you already have an account with them our advice is to forfeit your old account and create a new one with them using the special links that we would be providing here. So read below to see the best three Bookies according to our findings…

In Nigeria we have have listed the three best sites for placing your bets, these site would pay you very fast and you can Fold games or play a lucky 63 on their platform or websites. Other sites which aren’t listed here are still good but are not up to the three which we will mention below, we would classify these sites according to their years of experience, quality of service and fast payouts. We would also provide you a link for registration directly from their company, any account created via these links which we would provide here are highly valued as any latest promo[s] which any of  these betting sites offers  would be granted to you first.

As a way of saying thank you for reading our article and following our tips, we have provided a highly valued links for registering your accounts with those companies, try using any of the links below to open an  on – line punting account, the benefit of having this account is that your accounts created using any of the links below would be credited with the latest promo[s] even before the company makes it known to the general public. We are always working hard to get you quality information like this for your reading pleasure …

Generally, we would advice you to have an account with the three mentioned Bookies below if you are a Nigerian, you would find their special links for opening an account below each write – up for that website. That link would qualify you for any new promo(s) the Bookies site has to offer even before the public would take note.

The three best site for playing System kind of bets or even accumulator as of 2017 upward are (1). (2). (3).  We would list their detailed advantages below in terms of faster payouts, years of experience, and quality of service. Below are the best three sites I mentioned above explained in details below;

[1] -:- We are ranking this site number one because of their years of experience and many options for the Folded kind of bet, this website pays you every time you win but don’t pay you as fast as Their quality of service is the best of all, as you would never see error message like “Site under maintenance” when loading their website. The only problem we feel that many user would be having with this website is their new UK interface. Since they changed from their old interface to the new one, many users are finding it difficult to surf around their website however once you understand the new interface, you are good to go. This website also offer fairly good odds though not as high as that on according to our observation for the market which we prefer, however they are the only website among the three who offers from 4 – 12 Fold. So if you have 15 games or more you can play a 12 fold on Hurry up and use the special link below to create an account with, even if you have an account with them before, forfeit it and open a new one with the link below because you would be entitled to get access to any first hand information of new promo[s] even before the general public notices. special link would be available shortly.

[2] -:- Some of our fans often think that among list of sponsors, so we would always do our best to promote them. Lol! This isn’t true! We don’t even know who owns and manages, that is how worse the case may be. Everyone has their preferred choice, our team simply choose as the best because it met our needs in term of fastest payouts, higher odds, and simple interface to understand both on PC and mobile, infact any game we predict, we normally get their odds from,  because of their quick interface. One of the dis – advantage we noticed about their site is that, their site mostly on weekends, displays an the error notice of “Site under maintenance” although from 2017 upward we haven’t noticed such error and we hope it remains like that.

Click here to create an account with now using this special link.

[3] -:- This company is a new company trending in almost every state that supports gambling in Nigeria. Many Nigerians love this Bookie because of the extra option which they offer that can’t be found on other Bookies, unfortunately they offer the Folded kind of bet but as at the time of this write up they don’t offer luck 63, Super Heinz or other kind of multiple bets. From our view they only offer the Folded kind of bet, for this reason we would rank them third. Their quality of service and server down time is great too. Either way, we would advice you to have an account with the three mentioned Bookies because  as a serious professional, you need to have multiple accounts to serve your different needs or purposes. Special link would be available shortly.

Note that you must have an on – line account to play Folded, lucky 63, Super Heinz, Goliath or other types of Multiple kind of bet or System kind of bet. If you try playing from most off line store(s), many of those agents are poorly informed and may not even know what Folded bets may mean, some may even tell you that the company do not support those kind of betting systems (Fold, Lucky 63, Goliath, Super Heinz e.t.c.) which is untrue. To save your self this stress, please get an on – line account by clicking on any of the links above and registering with your preferred Bookmaker by filling their forms once you get to their website.

Once you have registered and opened your new account, you can fund it by visiting any of their agents or you can also fund it by using your Master cards, ATM Cards, Direct Bank Deposits, or you can even call us and provide us with your appropriate details and we would help you fund it instantly once we receive your required payment necessary for funding your account without additional charges.

Other means of funding your account can be found on the company’s website too.

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  1. You guys are the best so far, I am already addicted to your website in sports prediction.

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      1. Kudos to Aeroberry Team you guys are really working hard.

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  3. God would surely reward this team for their efforts, I have won a lot with your free games. I like the way you detail your analysis, everyone knows that these days sport analysis is very hard. But the way I see games winning on the free version of your website you make sport prediction look effortless, Me and so many of My Kenyan friend love visiting this site everyday. I have stored and Bookmark your website URL for me, you guys are the best in the world. I subscribed for a website premium tips and they nearly killed me, I have really lost a lost a lot until I found your free tips wit multiple option and their confidence levels, with this I make my selection wisely and I stay informed. I learned that this website are operated from Australia but has many of their admins are based in Nigeria and please when you guys are planning to expand your office in Kenya, I would like to become one of your admins. You can reach me on thanks.
    May God continue to reward your efforts with success, you have really put a lot of smiles on peoples face around the world, My friends on your premium plans are really making hot cash daily, finally you guys have restored my hope in sport betting…

    I pray for more success to your team, may God enlarge your coast.

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  6. amen, you guys are the best, I just subscribed for your Golden plan. Hmmm I am on day three I can’t wait for day seven to come. Sammy Hertz from Kenya.

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    1. Nice information, what a lovely write up, your guys are superb. With the rate at which your free games are winning I can’t wait to become a premium member. My friend who recently completed your Golden plan is the talk of the town now in Kenya, please when is your next silver plan commencing lets do business … contact me on

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  7. Thanks for this wonderful information, I haven’t heard of system bets before, edward Muli, Uganda.

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  8. You guys are killing me with the kind of information I am getting from this site, lovely Nigerians. I am proud to be a Nigerian. Kudos guys.

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  9. you guys are truly the best, your free tips are far better than a stupid premium tips I got from that fradulent site they called betensured. I regretted subscribing to that website. I never won one game with their tips.

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  10. Most time the way your free games win amazes me, I can’t forget the day we hit 14/14 wins. That was the day I bought my first land and that was the first day I visited your site and decided to play all your games despite the warning of dividing the games in different tickets. I am loyal to this website for life. Now that major leagues have ended you are still surprising us with your winning rate. What a superb sport analyst!

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    1. I find it difficult to win from your premium games, but your analysis are alway on point though. just that I make mistakes in picking the best games planning to upgrade to Bronze membership soon.

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  11. Nice write up, I enjoyed reading the comments here, you guys were just expressing my heart felt desires. If yu are a member of the winning team please support my prayer with a big amen as I pray that God would give this admins long lives and prosperity.

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  24. well done sir, i remember the day i won 200k from the bronze plan. The Folded bet.

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11 Comments on System Bets -:- Best Betting Sites in Nigeria That Offers The System Kind Of Bet[Folds, Lucky 63, Super Heinz, Canadian E.t.c.].

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  3. Infact am really shot of words…when i was reading your betting tips on fold said something that spin my head “why not try it now” well i did…and my brother without stress my 5 game selection of 4folds went KABOOOOOM…God will surely bless you for me..Amen

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