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Signs You Are Too Insecure With Your Relationship

A good relationship is one that is based on trust. Many people get into a relationship seeking the same thing with their other half. But it seems that there are some people who carry with them certain insecurities that eventually have an effect on the relationship. It is important to know the signs of how these insecurities shows out in one’s actions. Here are some glaring examples to consider;

You oblige your partner to ask permission before doing anything:
Although it is not bad to know what your significant other is doing especially if you are somewhere else, it is not good to oblige them to ask permission for them to do anything. When you do, you become someone who likes to control people. It can be your insecurities that may be fueling your actions. Ideally, you should give your partner some space to do those things that they love doing. It should not be a case where a partner may need to get permission from the other before proceeding.

You know all their passwords:
It does not matter you were able to secure your partner’s passwords. The fact that you have them borders on invasion of privacy, especially if they are unaware that you know them. Trying to know everything about your partner will not always be bad, but some people can go overboard doing it. It is insecurity that dictates whether people would want to invade someone else’s privacy, such as what you do when you try to gather all your partner’s passwords.

You go over their phone when they are not looking:
Insecurities can cause other people to harbor suspicions against their partners. It can go to such a point that a partner can’t stop but to check on a partner’s phone in secret. Most people do it to satisfy their suspicions. But if it becomes a habit, it can cause distrust between couples in a relationship.

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