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Ladies Note! Here Are The 7 Reasons Why Married Men “Cheat”, Especially No 2

Why Married Men Cheat
Why Married Men Cheat

It is a common knowledge that a huge percent of married men after some years in marriage CHEAT on their wives. It is a big concern to we ladies and in one way or another we tend to look for ways to curb this painful act.

Well I hope, this helps us. According to a married man (name withheld), who’s been in the same shoes before, there are various why men cheat and he has broken them down to we ladies.

Well I know that we ladies would say MEN are MEN they’d always CHEAT but why not check these reasons out, and if for any reason you are guilty of this, it’s in your best interest to change.

1. Neglect of the man

Most married women tend to neglect the men when the kids start coming. No more loved up evenings, no more hanging out. They always claim to be tired even when they have maids. Men tend to seek solace outside because they need someone to hang out with, to watch movies with and to share romantic moments with. Unfortunately, many girls out there are willing to fill this vacuum.

2. Neglect of herself

Give most women 3 to 5 years of marriage and you would see majority of them are no longer that sexy chic they used to be. No more doing up her hair regularly, no more trim figure, no more keeping up with the fashion scene. The sexy woman you married now looks like your aunty.

We all understand that kids are a handful and make you tired but the problem is that they are so many sexy hot girls out there that makes your husband remember the old days. For men who are easily tempted or those who married their ‘spec’, they start looking for another spec since you are no longer the spec they married.

3. Reduced Intimacy

A lot of men consider intimacy and s*x as a big factor in choosing a wife. If a woman has a good character but is poor in bed, most men would look somewhere else for a wife. However, many men married their wives because they used to get satisfaction from her. After marriage, most women don’t care about pleasing the man. A lot always claim tiredness. For those men who have a high libido, expect them to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

4. Nagging

It’s easy for a single girl to be loving, caring and understanding. After marriage it becomes a different kettle of fish for some women. they nag you over every little thing. For a man who can’t stand it, he seeks solace outside, mostly in the loving arms of another single lady.

5. Variety

This is a point that has no justification but many men cheat because they want a different variety. They claim that you can’t eat one soup forever, hence they seek out a different ‘soup’. This is bad and is totally the man’s fault. However, it is one of the major reasons most men cheat.

6. Temptation

These days some when com at a man with full force even when they know he is married. There are lot’s of single girls out there ready to claim another woman’s husband. Sometimes, it’s difficult to resist a sexy girl who wants you and is offering herself willingly. Most men fall for this reason. Even pastors have fallen for this reason. That’s why couples should be prayerful and men should pray against temptation.

7. Some men are really dogs.

They cheat for cheating sake. They act like they are under a spell. They would sleep with their maids, secretary, bread seller, in short anything in skirt. Give them a model wife who gives them everything and they would still cheat. A lot of men who have many wives and girlfriends usually fall into this category. No justification for such men. They are cursed.

Do you have your own reasons also?

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