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Peter Obi again – See what he is doing and saying

And Peter Obi again ? What is Peter Obi again doing in the video below ? He was campaigning for the PDP gubernatorial candidate Mr Oseloka Obase in the forth coming election in Anambra state. In the video below,  Mr Peter Obi made some very serious points against the incumbent governor Willie Obiano. One of the things he said was that people believed he is not in good terms with Willie Obiano. However, he said that the person he has a quarrel with is Willie Obiano the governor and not Mr Willie Obiano in person. And after saying this, he stated in details why the people of Anambra state should not vote for Willie Obiano. Rather he said they should vote for Oseloka Obase the PDP candidate. Watch the video to see the interesting political campaign speech from Mr Peter Obi.

In the video he gave the reason why anambra state should vote for the PDP candidate. Mr Peter Obi accepted that he gained from the confusion and conflict in the PDP to become Anambra state Governor. However, now, Anambra state needs PDP so that Anambra state won’t be a loner in the Nigerian political scene.

He also criticised Willie Obiano inactivity and under-performance as the governor of Anambra state. As well, he mentioned Dr Chris Ngige former governor of Anambra state. He said that Ngige constructed 193km of road within 33 months he was the governor. For him this was impressive. He (Peter Obi) constructed a lot of road networks too. In addition to the road network, he supported a lot of schools.  However, Obiano has been in power for four years. In the four yours Obiano has been in office, he has received over N455 billion Naira. According to Obi, Obiano could not use the money to achieve much in the state.

In summary he said that the people of Anambra state should vote for Oseloka Obase the PDP candidate. The reason the people should vote for him is because Obiano has under-performed.

Yeah, Peter Obi again ? Who campaigned for Obiano ? Peter Obi. Now who is campaigning for Oseloka Obase ? Peter Obi. As a matter of fact, he is making some good points against Obiano. However, what is he saying about Obase achievements and qualities ?  I heard nothing. In fact, these are what I would like to hear. Unfortunately, Nigerian politics does not consider such much. It is a shame. May the best person win in the next election. Hopefully it will be free and fair.

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