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Online Payment Aeroberry Premium Subscription|| How to Pay From Outside Nigeria

Aeroberry Online Payment For Those Living Outside Nigeria

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If you are a Nigerian with a Nigerian credit/debit card and you also live in Nigeria, this article is not for you. Click on this link to see how you can use your Nigerian credit/debit card to subscribe online on aeroberry website. 

How to use our online payment

Aeroberry now have online payment for every country that allows their citizens to use their credit card online. Unfortunately, those in Nigeria can’t use this payment because  most banks if not all don’t allow Nigerians use their cards to pay online. This could be due to the recession problem. With time, Nigerian banks will grant access to online payment again. Having said this, if you are in Nigeria, you may want to try our online payment, if your bank does not support online payment, your payment won’t go through.

For this reason, all those who can’t use our online payment can still send their payment to our bank details given on our website. Click on this link to lead you to our bank details  .

All other countries in Europe, South and North America, Africa especially Kenya, Asia, Australia can use this online payment. If you are using it and it fails, it means your country for some reason may not allow online payment or maybe some other reasons. You can always use our alternative payment by paying directly to our bank account or using Western Union, WorldRemit ( and other online payments that allow you to send money directly to our bank account.

Below is the procedure to use our online payment.

Register :- If you are not a registered member of, click on the menu “Register”. Input your details as provided and submit.

 register .

At the end of registration you should see a registration confirmation page  that looks this below:

 registration confirmation page and online payment


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Log in:- The next step is to log in after registration using your username and password you chose when registering. Note that anytime you want to access our premium page, you must always log in first. You won’t have to repeat the registration process. You can’t access our premium page without first logging in. To log in, you go to the menu and click “Login”.


Select a Premium Package:- After logging in, if you have not subscribed to any premium package or the package you subscribed to is expired, you will be redirected to our membership level page where you select the premium package of your choice. To select a package you click on the “select” button.

Pay at Checkout Page :- Clicking on the “Select” button will take you to the checkout page where you input your billing address and then pay with your credit card details. Our website is very secure for payment for we have the SSL certificate installed which keep all your details encrypted and safe. This means your credit card details cannot be read because they are stored as code nobody can read. Where you input your credit card details, you will see our SSL certificate. You can click on it to reveal  the certificate details.

After payment you will see a payment confirmation page with your invoice under it. Normally also, at the end of every payment, you will automatically receive a confirmation payment email from us with your invoice details.

Click Premium Page Link on Blue Menu Bar:- After payment, you are ready to use our premium page that you paid for. For those using mobile phone, you will see the link to the different premium pages on the blue menu bar . Click on it and the blue menu bar will open then you can click on the particular premium page you want to go to.

aeroberry mobile screenshot and online payment

For those using their laptop and desktop, after you log in you will see the link under the main menu. However, you cannot access the page by clicking it unless you are a paid member.

All paid members are redirected directly to the premium page they paid for immediately they log in.

Advantages of using our online payment

1. It saves you the stress of going to the bank to make payments.
2. It saves you the stress and time of sending us your payment details because you will automatically have access to the premium page you paid for. Sometimes, because of the large number of subscribers, it takes us time to attend to you or reply your emails after payment. This eliminate and solve that problem. No more phone calls after payment or sending your details through emails. Only those who pay by sending their money to our bank details will still need to inform us by phone call or email. You must do this, if you want us to add you to the list of those that have subscribed.
3. It is a self-service. (Serve yourself)

Welcome to self service online payment. Let us know if you encountered any problem paying or accessing the premium page you paid for after payment online. All the best. Continue to enjoy your winning streak with our service.


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