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Aeroberry Premium Online Payment || Pay with Nigerian Credit Cards

How to pay your premium subscription online with your Nigerian credit card


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For those who don’t use a Nigerian credit/debit card, this article is not for you. Click on this link to learn how you can make your  payment with your own country’s credit/debit card on our website. 

Aeroberry has been working round the clock to make payment for our premium packages easier and less stressful. Sometimes, it could be very stressful standing in a very long queue at the bank trying to make payments. Now you don’t really need to go to the bank anymore. You can stay in the comfort of your room, office, store, car, field, in fact anywhere that there is internet service and make your payment in so far you have your credit card with you. Note, this article applies only to those who want to make payment from Nigeria or Nigerians abroad who want to make payment with their Nigerian credit/debit card.

Aeroberry Membership: To subscribe online for Nigerians, the first step is to be an Aeroberry registered member. To know how to register on our website click on this link and scroll down to the “Register” and “Login” paragraphs.

Credit/Debit Card Payment: Click on the blue button with the inscription “Subscribe” on it after choosing the package of your choice on this same button. 

voguepay aeroberry website


Select Payment Option: Clicking the subscribe button will open the page where you will choose which type of card you would like to pay with. Choose from the different choices available which best suit your card. Sometimes, your card may not go through with the choice you made, try other choices until you get one that accepts your card. One should accept your card at the end. 

payment page

Pay with Card: After your choice of payment option, you will be directed to the checkout page where you will be asked to type in your card details to make the actual payment. 

checkout page

It is this simple to pay, isn’t it? No stress. We will be notified of your payment and we will take care of giving you access to the premium page. If after a day you still don’t have access to the premium page you paid for, please do not fail to notify us quoting your transaction id number for us to identify your payment.


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Paying with VoguePay Option

VoguePay Membership: In order to pay online on our website with the VoguePay option, you need to register first with VoguePay. Paying with the VoguePay option is a bit longer. 

Follow these steps below to register with VoguePay.

Step One: Go to the VoguePay website. Click on this link to go there. or Type in VoguePay in Google and click on the link there. 

Step Two: Click on “Sign up” at the homepage and type in every required information needed there and submit the form. 

sign up

Step Three: After registering and you have logged in or signed in, you will see some sub menus below the main menu as shown in the picture below. Click on the menu with the title “Basic Menus”

Basic menu

Step Four: After clicking on  “Basic Menus”, the “Basic Menu” page will open. The picture below shows you how it looks like. Click on “Add Funds to Account“.

add fund

Step Five: A page that looks like the picture below will open. Follow the steps as stipulated in the picture number from one to three to make the payment with your credit card to add funds to your account. Try the different form of credit card options there that is similar to the form of credit card you have. If the first option you chose does not accept your card the second or third will. You should be able to pay using one of the options there. 





These are the words in the picture.

No 1. Click on the area circled in blue at the “Select Payment Gateway” to choose which type of credit card to pay with. 

No 2. Click on the area circled in green to type in the amount you want to fund your account with. Preferably, type in the premium package amount you want to subscribe to at

No 3. Click here to proceed to make your payment.

Whenever you have enough funds in your VoguePay account, you can use the blue “Subscribe” button on Aeroberry website to make payment for the soccer betting tips premium package of your choice.

This is a very secure and trusted means of payment. CBN won’t grant VoguePay licenses to handle online financial transactions in Nigeria if they did not pass the security test.


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