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Disadvantages Of Searching For An Ideal Type

The relationship game always involves two people. It starts when one or the other, or both of them, starts to search and find each other. This search usually is done based on rules such as having a specific ideal and features. While this may have its own share of advantages and benefits, there are also certain disadvantages that come with looking for an ideal type. Here are just some of them.

A lot of good candidates are neglected.
Armed with a set of factors when searching for an ideal date, people easily sift through those who are qualified and who aren’t. But along the way, it may let other better candidates who are also perfect potential partners pass through. Because of having a certain guideline to follow in choosing an ideal date type, many candidates are rejected because they do not fit into the “mold”, so to speak. But they may actually have certain qualities that make them a great fit, although certain features make them fail as the “ideal” type.

Your type may be based on outside forces.
Sometimes, having a particular type may not actually what you have in mind at all. There are times when people are being influenced to create a certain ideal type based on outside factors. This means their choices are being based on what the current trend or what most people think might be the ideal date. The choice may be based on what others think is the ideal and not one’s own preference.

Dates may be predictable with having types you’re accustomed with.
Having a certain ideal type for a date can sometimes make dating less exciting. By knowing a certain type, people may already know what to expect during their dates. The dating experience may already become predictable when one grows accustomed to dating just a particular type. This can prevent one from exploring other more exciting dating options.

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