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Approaching a Shy Girl: Do’s and Don’ts

Approaching a Shy Girl: Do’s and Don’ts

how to approach a shy girl || approaching a shy girl

While men still make fun of shy girls, let’s face it, we like them a lot. In the times when most women being overly emancipated and self-sufficient, you start valuing meek girls, who doesn’t go into telling you everything what she thinks about you and what she wants from you. This kind of girls has the charm of women from the 19th Century. A shy girl is a perfect choice for a man, who accepts traditional gender role, who knows that women must be conquered by men. But how to approach a shy girl? If you’re really into dating shy girls, check out our list of do’s and don’ts when approaching one.



Learn more about her

If you want to approach a shy girl, you need to dig information about her. You need to know what she likes in order to lure her in a proper way. She is shy, thus you can’t go and ask her straight-forward, where she’s planning to go after college or after work. That’s why you need to ask her friends about her lifestyle or just ‘spy’ on her for a while, before starting to approach her.

 Make it look casual

Approach her carefully. Make it look casual, ask her to help you with your work or with a study. Or offer your help, but that can be a bad idea, because a shy girl is most likely to refuse. Whatever you do, don’t tell her about your feelings straight-forward, because the only thing you would achieve is scaring the girl away.

 Display Sympathy

Before trying to approach her, start displaying sympathy. Smile to her more often. Be attentive to her, but not too much, as there’s a thin line between being friendly and cute and creepy, especially when it comes to shy girls. Say “Hi!” to her more often, ask her how she is, but not in the suspicious way. One more thing, if she responds to your questions eagerly, than everything is fine. If not, keep your conversations brief, instead of trying to take words out of her, as it is unlikely the best way to win her sympathy.



 Don’t ask her out straight-forward

The worst thing you can do if you want to date a shy girl is to ask her out directly. You need to make your meetings as casual as possible. Ask her to the movie or to café, but don’t make hints about your real intentions. You will definitely feel when it’s the right time to ask her for a real date. But before that time avoid any talks about dating, because shy girls are easy to scare.

Don’t push too hard on her

When your relationships have started, mind that you don’t need to push too hard on her. Let your romance develop on its own. There’s no need to take your relationships to the next level, if one of you doesn’t feel that it’s time. Give her time.

 Don’t talk with her in public

You need to learn one thing before dating a shy girl – conversation is something intimate. Forget about conversations in the public. Only one-on-one conversations. Don’t ever try to confront her publicly about something, as you will lose your shy girl forever. Conversation in public for shy girls is the same, if you’d tried to make fun of her in public.



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