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Aeroberry Betting Tips Color -:- Here is what each color signifies on our free tips [Red, Pink & Blue]

Aeroberry Betting Tips Color are usually Red, Pink & Blue. Aeroberry uses color to differentiate the best options among the list of possible banker options for their free betting tips, unlike our premium tips that comes with only one option, the free tips usually comes with multiple banker options for that game. You would agree with us that every game comes with a list of banker options. See the snapshot below of a full time score line of 2:0.

Click on this image to enlarge or download it.

From the screenshot above you would agree with us that the possible banker options for the game above are:

[1] Under 1.5 goals in first half

[2] Half-time correct score 0:0.

[3] Under 2.5 goals.

[4] The home team wins.

[5] Home team to win and under 2.5 goals.

[6] Home team to win and NO BTS.

[7] Home team to play a clean sheet.

[8] And so many other banker options which we won’t list here so as not to make the list too lengthy.

Before the 15th of may our experts analyzed the above game and came up with 4 shocking summarized predictions for that game, see screen shot below.

It was a big win only that some users would complain that they would prefer just one option. We serve many clients internationally and locally and the truth is that some individuals prefer staking large or small on large odds while others would want to combine multiple small odds to arrive at a big odd before staking. If we tend to serve one and ignore the other, we won’t be encouraging both of them. Whichever way you reading this article may like our game analysis(whether you like going for the big odds or the small odds) we have arranged them for you in ways that you can select the one you are looking for. But always have it in mind that the first option is usually the best option. So from the example above we gave Defensa y Justicia to win @ 1.50 with the red font color, followed by under 1.5 goals in the first half with the Pink font color, the 3rd option for the game was Defensa Y Justicia to win and under 3.5 goals with a red font color also and lastly the Half time / Full time with the Blue font color. Irrespective of their colors you would notice that each game still won,  if you read this article to the end you would see what each color stands for and their impact on their various options.

The best games from any league are indicated with the Red Font Color,  these games are usually the best from the list of options and leagues.
Note 2 -:-  All games usually come with several banker options, on our website we work very hard to give you a detailed overview of how each game is expected to play by giving you the expected banker option(s) for every game. We have done all the hard work for you by arranging the games in their order of preference and this is what each game with its specific color means.

[1] All games written in Red font color are banker bet from 90% confidence level to 100% confidence level, and these are usually the surest bets on our free games daily.

[2] All games written in Pink font color are banker bet from 70% confidence level to 89% confidence level.

[3] All games written in Blue font color are banker bet from 50% confidence level to 69% confidence level.

[4] In cases where we have multiple colors e.g. more than one red, pink, or blue font color for any game’s option, don’t have a hard time figuring out which one to choose, we have already done the hard work for you, as we have arranged them in their order of preference, meaning that option one is always better than option 2, and option 2 would always be better than option 3, also option three would always be better than option 4 and so on and so forth. See the example below.

Therefore the option above is always the best option, however, no option is expected to fail, but in Football anything can happen. Note also that Football is an investment; “The higher the risk, the higher the odds/profits and vice versa, so don’t be afraid when going for the option with the blue font color they are also banker bets too, why they are indicated with the blue font color is because either their risk may be too high or that they have a lesser confidence level or it may be that they are from unreliable or lower leagues, however, that does not mean that they are not banker bets. See the Example below…

[5] Note that in Football anything can happen and that is where the beauty of the game lies. We aren’t God we would only give you the expected outcome of every game, therefore don’t be shocked when a game with blue font color wins and that with the red font color fails. This usually occurs when factors like substitutions, injuries, changes of coaches, red cards, or other factors affect the game.

The Bookies are very tricky! That a game is sure do not mean that it won’t fail, here is one reason why they do fail most times:  The Bookies tend to fix the games that almost everyone have played, and those kind of games are usually the surest games so as to get a higher profit, they would fix such games so that many customers would lose and few would win. By so doing they would make a good profit for that day. This can be likened to a Ponzi scheme, where you collect money from large customers, pay few, and keep the rest. So don’t be surprised when games with odds like 1.01 fail.

[6] The beauty of our website is that we don’t give you games with little odds, instead, we would look for other banker options from that same game with higher odds. Our tipsters consist of a team of high-level professionals so don’t be afraid to stake on those games which usually comes with high odds on our website because those games have already been severely analyzed before their publications. So games that usually come with annoying odds like 1.01, 1.18 are analyzed by our tipsters to give you other values with a higher odd for that games, e.g Half time / Full time wins, Win and BTS e.t.c. these options may come with a fair odd like 1.40 upward.

[7] If you have been losing too many games or have lost so much money to the Bookies then try becoming any of our premium members [Bronze, Silver, or Gold]. Becoming any of our premium members may help you recover all your losses and even give you tremendous profit or skills to beat the Bookies comfortably, as you would start receiving shocking games that would blow your mind. The Bookies are always scared of professionals instead of losing your hard-earned money almost every day to the Bookies why not let professionals guide you? Enjoy your stay on our website and do well to visit us daily.

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  1. You guys are the best, I am an addict of your site from Kenya. Your football analysis are Superb!

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  2. one time published an article on a blog about this Aeroberry people, Kudos to your team. Give us more options please

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  3. Aeroberry, The Grand Master of predictors, widely recognized Globally..

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  4. I love this website, Its as if the display the full expo of how a game is expected to play even before they kick off, how they do it, I don’t know. Most times I begin to wonder which statistics you guys use for your analysis. Is it Chi – Square?

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  5. My Boss of Life I have won so may tickets from your free games, I noticed that predictions just got harder, yet you huys are doing a wonderful job.

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    1. The thing I love more about this website is that even though, their tips may fail most time, they still do a great job. I even feel that their free tips are far better than some others website’s premium tips out there. There was a time I subscribed to Those guys are fools and a big-time scammers. Played for almost a month without winning a dime, I was lucky to see your free tips on time. I just ignored the game those guys keep sending to me. I am considering going for your premium tips soon.

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  12. Thormejay you said it all, I love this website, They are the bomb.

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  13. Since the day I won with your free tips I vowed that I would never leave your site again. I have won 14/14 before. That was the first time I won millions in my life. Only that the consistency is low. Understandable though, predictions aren’t easy. Keep up the good work team.

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  14. Thanks G.B, God bless you all for your encouragement and support.

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  1. I think am new here n I have been going through ur prediction n I think u guys are real n genuine,but just keep up d good work,bcuz dey said good name is better than riches. After payment how do one get added?
    And when games has been posted on daily basis before d kick off time?
    What if u are playing online?how can one get d game?

  2. Your free tips are extremely phenomenal than the rest. Looking foward to join your premium package.

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