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Incredible ==> See How Most Members Became 100 Of Thousands And above richer, Yesterday Without Any Games Failing.

By now they would have seen how their investment of 7,000 Naira is bringing them more earnings and results, they won’t help it but smile to the bank today. However the same games were published on our free page. Like we said earlier just little difference exist between our free games and our premium games, the only difference is that we would select for you the best possible pick for the day with amazing odds.  if you can’t subscribe you can always use the free tips, as we would also specify banker bets for you with 90% confidence level. If you can also do the picks yourself no need of subscribing, however if you do that, you are certain of pulling thousands from the bookies every week, see the games given to members yesterday below.

If we keep showing the records here the list would be exhausted. Remember that even when major leagues end or goes on break, Leagues like Estonia, Swedish, Norwegian, Brazil, Argentina, Finland and host of many others will still be in vogue, so this means that our subscription will still be active within those periods. So don’t worry about leagues coming to an end soon……

Ticket No 1.

Tips for 21 | 03 | 2016

[1] Germany
2. Bundesliga
20:15 SC Freiburg – Karlsruher SC  | Bet on the home team draw no bet @ 1.25

[2] England
Conference South
20:45 Wealdstone FC – Sutton Utd | Bet on the away team draw no bet @ 1.40

[3] Armenia
First League
11:00 Mika FC 2 – Gandzasar Kapan FC 2 | Bet on 1/1 @ 2.00

Total odds using Merrybet = 3.5 Odds

 Value Bet Given To Members on 21 |3| 2016 ==>>

[1] Greece
Football League
17:00 Lamia – Agrotikos Asteras FC | Bet on the home team to play a clean sheet @ 2.20

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{Note that this game was predicted not fixed}

Ticket No. 2 Play these as a Fold, Lucky 63 or as Singles. 

[1] Israel
National League
17:00 Maccabi Herzliya – Maccabi Kiiryat Gat | Bet on the home team to play a clean sheet @ 1.90

[2] Italy
Lega Pro, Girone C
20:00 US Lecce – US Catanzaro | Bet on the home team to win and No BTS @ 1.70

[3] Greece
Football League
17:00 Lamia – Agrotikos Asteras FC  | Bet on the home team to win @ 1.70

[4] Colombia
Liga Postobon I
23:30 Alianza Petrolera – Atletico Bucaramanga | Bet on the away team draw no bet @ 2.05

22 | March | 2016.

[5] Isthmian Football League, Premier Division
20:45 Harrow Borough – Bognor Regis Town | Bet on the away team to win and over 1.5 goals @ 2.00

[6] England
Isthmian Football League, Premier Division
20:45 Merstham – Metropolitan Police | Bet on BTS and over 2.5 goals @ 1.60

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Are you still in Doubt click here to see free games with proof published yesterday 21 – March – 2016. [All clean sheet tickets, BTS, Under/Overs, and 11/13 games from the 1×2 market all won.

Click here to see another shocking winnings for members, on Saturday.


AbokiDaWarriBoy said…

I have once lost hope in betting, but your site revived me after losing so much…. to that Akin alabi

Psalmuelle aka Samstone. said…

Now I believe you guys, after i subscribed yesterday on Monday 2016 I was just amazed. Your tipsters are really good

Ogbukwa Blessing said…

yepeeeeeeeee, So wonderful I must confess here, I feel like so happy, I bought your tips yesterday, played them sold them and the returns were much. What I like about you guys is the right to resell your tips. Aeroberry still remains the best site for me as long as I am concerned.

Davido’s driver said…

Menh, you guys are really baddddd, I was introduced to your site yesterday and I just can’t believe how much I have made so far. I don’t accumulate games cos that is gambling, all I do is to stake individually on high odds, and your games are the best for me so far. As long as the free tips are good I am ok.

Eddy Bagaka said…

Aeroberry my best website. We all know that not everyday that people make profit, but with your I do that everyday. I am a Kenya and I must commend you guys

George said…

I am a UK citizen, I hardly trust Nigerians, cos you guys are full of shit, I did a research on your site and I discovered that this website was hosted on Godaddy no wonder it can handle the traffic and also the main CEO resides in Australia. Well, I calculated the cost of everything and I knew you guys were serious and meant business. Assuming this was a blog I wouldn’t have patronaged you guys.

I love what you guys did on Saturday, Sunday and on Monday. Ever since I subscribed for the weekend, it has been worth it. Kudos

Kurumantha said…

Rio letehn merakiso bumazinwanne nuerrila, Zimbabwe really love this site. full of Amazing and quality tips.

freeborn bamislam zinalima said…

wonderful, jobs guys…….

Black Belle said…

Good job.

Anonymous said…

Thumbs up my Aero.

Pearlie said…

Splendid job, keep it up.

cheltreacy said…

If can at least copy you guys prediction I would love their website. Their stupid big odds is never upto 2 points and When it upto  I used their big odds and I lost like mad. i think you are the best and are real.

anita gold said…

After my boyfriend introduced me years back into punting, I have lost a lot. Surprise do you know I bought my first car with your tips. Only for that I vowed to be your follower all the rest of my life. I am a full fan of I don’t comment but I love reading other comment.

Louis O KinGs said…

Thumbs up guys, I won yesterday.

Louis O KinGs said…

Thumbs up guys, I won yesterday.

Ivy Godspower said…

You guys are the best.

Chidozie Bruce said…

“Aeroberry, lord of punters” I love that phrase.

Olaaliu said…

Simplicity, Honesty, Integrity and Quality. That is what I love about you and your contents. I keep praying for you daily that as long as you keep putting smiles on our faces, God will always continues to remember you. Kenyan’s, Tanzanians, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Chile, Cameroon and host of other country are seriously praying for your progress, we love what you guys are doing.

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Uju Phil said…


choqlatelymart said…

Amen, you said it all bro…..

choqlatelymart said…

Nawa oooo….. I just cant stop loving you guys…..

Anonymous said…

Amen and Amen, Good work.


Great job guys….

Nnamani Chizoba said…

Nice predictions I can’t do that.


You guys are so wonderfull.

Anonymous said…

Great job

Anonymous said…


MCC said…


Tslow Kolawole said…

Anywhere I go to, I will keep telling people of your greatness. God has used you guys to put bread on my table. I have been multiplying my income with your predictions and I can’t remember when last I regretted betting because even when I lose I Keep using your big odds to tear Bookies apart. Guys do you know that using a betting calculator on Aeroberry’s big odds, your return would be great ?

Try it and see, if you make 2,000 Naira everyday, 30 days is 60k extra profit. As long as you keep putting bread on my table God will also put multiple for you. I pray you shall excel in your choosen field and the smiles you have put in our faces will never leave yours IJN…..

Amen. Guys lets support them by saying Amen……..

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Demmy said…

Amen, you said it all bro.

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francisca said…


Anonymous said ….
I won yesterday with your free tips… Thanks so much God bless you guys. Love you
March 22


faith said…..
Wonderful…. Aerobery is the best place to be.. Guys u realy save me alot.. Thank oooooh!

March 22

Aeroberry said ……
Thanks everyone for the complement its our duty to see that you all are satisfied and duly from our services. For our premium members, we know you won’t renew your subscription if we failed you, though we may be millionaires, yet we can’t afford to spoil our integrity because we are in for business.
For our everyday followers and likes on Facebook, we appreciate you even more, because it is your support that has made us grow so well overtime. Your comments and love are heart touching that is why we would always do our best to serve you well and even give you premium tips for free. We know that if we post nonsense you may not visit our website anymore or may even unlike us.
Thanks everyone for showing us love, including those who saw this and didn’t comment and those who saw this too and commented including you reading this right now. Hey!!! Don’t smile alone.
We forever love you all.

Do you have more questions to ask? You can contact us by sending us a mail to or give us a call by contacting us on 08147650265 if you are calling from Nigeria, or by dialing +2348147650265 if you are calling us from outside Nigeria.

March 22

jeffie said…..
Hi am from kenya since i started betting using tips from this site…my life has been hell …i am yet to rigister a win…….am so down right now

March 24
Aeroberry said ……
Hi, Jeffie what games have you been playing? is it the premium membership tis or the free tips?
Here are some tips on winnings.
[1] The first option for our free tips is alway the best followed by the second and third, i.e for games with options above three, these options are bound to play, its jut that we would select the best out come for a particular game beginning with the lowest of odds to the highest of odds. Therefore the lowest option has the highest and safest success rate and it is always placed first before other option, thus you may see a game like this on our webpage
[14] International Youth
U17 European Championship Elite round – Gr. 2
20:00 England – Turkey | Bet on the home team to win @ 1.60
Or Bet on the home team to win and over 2.5 goals @ 2.40
Or Bet on the h0me team to win and BTS @ 4.15
Now the home team to win is surest and the safest option above, followed by the home team to win and over 2.5 goals with an odd of 2.40, then the home team to win and Bts follows suit and has an odd of 4.15. we analyzed this game and statistics says this game should play like this. Thus if the home team should win and also play BTS then there must be at least over 2.5 goals for that match. So you can see how our options are arranged. Thanks a whole lot for your understanding.

[2] Secondly on our free tips we would specify our best picks among the pick of th day so, always watch out for this phrase ==>>

==>>Our top bankers and sure bets with 90% confidence level for today are Bahrain, Singapore, Turkey, England, Netherlands, Germany  & Ukraine,  90 % confidence on these games.

The above games mention above are the best bet for that day according to statistics, however this doesn’t mean that other games would not play because we aren’t the Goalkeepers nor the players and this would not also guarantee you of winning all games as mention above, remember that in Football anything can happen.  However we are only trying to say that from our data,shoul those games mentioned above are the best of pick and should play as written.

We hope these tips help.

cheers!!! Aeroberry team.


March 22

Rimeria said…..

Nice explanation and great customer care support, you guys will always be the best. thumbs up team.

March 22

zees mike said….
OMG …yoo thing is real …..I win on daily basis ….am like …wawawa

March 31

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  1. Hi am from kenya sine i started betting using tips from this site…my life has been hell …iam yet to rigister a win…….am so down right now

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