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Here Is The Trick To Stop Getting Annoying Text Messages from MTN And Etisalat Nigeria


The rate at which most of Nigerian network providers sends Text ads can be so frustrating and this irritates me especially when I’m expecting a bank credit alert. Lol.

Sometimes, you’ll get to notice that you automatically opt-in for something you don’t want to and the next minutes, you’ll be charged for what you don’t know about. I still remember how my grand mum disturbs me on how MTN Nigeria keep charging her unnecessary for unknown transaction. This is because of the spamming text ads they send and she might’ve mistakenly opted-in to any of the service shown via the text ads.

Etisalat Nigeria is another network that keeps sending me spamming sms and some other useless text ads. Sometimes, they even grow wings to send voice ads via phone calls. That very moment I’ll think it’s a call from one of my client that wants to sign for another contract, only for me to hear recorded voice ads from Etisalat network. This can be so frustrating and I know that every one of you that uses these networks also face similar challenge as I do.

Today, I’ll be showing you guys how to permanently stop these annoying text ads you get from MTN and Etisalat Nigeria networks. So simply follow the procedures as explained below to opt-out or to unsubscribe receiving of spam messages from these networks.

How to Unsubscribe from Etisalat and MTN Text ads (Spam messages)

For Etisalat users, simply text “STOP” to “224and you’ll receive a progress message which is effective within the next 7 days. While for MTN users, simply dial *123*5*4#, then press “1” to opt-out for mobile ads and reply “Yes” to confirm.

That’s just it on how to opt-out from all spam messages coming from MTN and Etisalat network. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any related problem. Don’t forget to share this update with your friends and family.

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