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How to choose speakers for your home studio

How to choose speakers   
How to choose speakers

Whether you’re recording and mixing a big project or simply want to record your voice and guitar in your home studio, a set of studio reference monitors are essential. A good set of monitors will let you hear what you record with accurate details. But before you buy a set of monitors, you most likely have some questions: What differentiates studio monitors from everyday speaker systems? What makes a good monitor? And how should an accurate monitor sound?

This guide will help you find the answers to these and other questions so you can find the right set of monitors for your recording needs and budget.


More recently, the term “studio monitor” meant a high quality speaker system, with impeccable quality and capable of reproducing the best sound.

Lately, studio monitors were very expensive, and only successful professionals and perhaps very wealthy amateur enthusiasts could afford the purchase of such an equipment. But times have changed, and today, even very famous companies with considerable experience in creating professional quality acoustics, offer quite affordable solutions which, however, also refer to professional studio monitors.


The choice has become so diverse, and the price range is so wide that today even highest professional, who knows what to expect from a quality studio monitor, runs the risk of getting lost in this sea of gaily-colored monitors. And what about the buyer who is just starting his music career and wants to make his own home studio? The information below is addressed to people without special knowledge.

You should have a clear understanding that a good studio monitor should be expensive. Buying cheap studio monitors, especially from unknown brands, you must realize that you risk.


Modern monitor speakers can be conditionally divided into groups on a variety of grounds. By consumer audience – professional and amateur ones. By the integrated amplifier – on active and passive ones. By the number of frequency bands – on two- and three-lane ones. By power – on near, middle and far field monitors. By purpose – for broadcasting studios, sound recording, mixing and mastering, etc.

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