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Guys, Don’t Be Fooled! These Are 4 Excuses Women Often Use To Avoid S*x When It’s Time (18+ Only)


Ladies are known to be experts at making excuses to escape sleeping with their partners. These are some of those excuses.

For guys, one of the benefits of being in a long-term relationship is that you have a woman that you can depend on for regular s*x.

Some women have s*x with a guy in the beginning of the relationship to “land him,” but once they have him where they want him, they don’t feel that they need to have s*x with him anymore.

While some manipulative women make a habit of withholding s*x from their partners, others avoid s*xual contact under very specific circumstances.

Here are some of the top excuses women use to get out of s*x with their men and see what each one means.

1. “I’m too tired”

Maybe your woman isn’t interested in s*x because she is just overwhelmed with obligations lately, i.e. work, workouts, classes, cleaning the apartment and cooking you dinner. It may also be a case of you wanting to do it more often than she does, and she just can’t keep up. Other life demands might be stressing her out and keeping her busy too, making her too worn out to enjoy s*x as often as you’d like. Although she may be tired from all these activities, this line could also be translated as “You’re not worth staying awake for”.

2. “I’m not in the mood”

Could be a good reason, especially if she’s sick, irritated or just simply having a bad day. On the other hand could also be translated as “You don’t get me off anymore”. If your girlfriend refuses to have s*x with you, it could be that she’s tired of the same routine every time and simply has lost interest in s*x with you. So instead of telling you what’s wrong, she might just close up shop.

3. “I’ve got a headache”

Having a headache once in a while is okay, that means it’s a real reason; however, having that same headache every time you initiate turns in to excuse and translates into her simply withholding s*x from you.

4. “I’m mad at you“

The last thing a woman wants to do when she’s mad, sad, frustrated, annoyed is get busy between the sheets. Probably the most common reason that women withhold s*x, most women cannot be intimate with a man they’re angry with. When your girlfriend is mad at you, the solution is to find out why she’s upset and try to fix it. Sometimes simply acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong is enough to make her calm down.

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