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Aeroberry money contest – win $100 or N30,000

Click to see picture guide on how to play aeroberry money contest.

aeroberry money contest aeroberry money contest

Aeroberry company is doing their first money contest which starts today and ends on June 30th, 2016. Right now we are counting down. Don’t miss this opportunity to win something from aeroberry.

Link to money contest : click here

Click to see picture guide on how to play aeroberry money contest

How you win –  Enter your email address in the sign up form to win. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a unique link back to the contest. This link will also be sent to your email inbox immediately you finish signing up. 
Share the link with your friends and followers on Facebook. For each person you are able to get or convinced to sign up for the contest with your unique link sent to you, which you must have shared with the person, you will earn 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins. However, for you to qualify to win, you must get at least 30 persons to sign up to the contest.
Link to money contest : click here
This means that signing up for the contest yourself is not enough to win. You still have more to do to win. And it is simple. Share the link on Facebook with your friends. Ask them or convince them as your can to sign up to the contest too with the link you shared with them. When they sign up through the link you shared with them, you will be earning point or points depending on the number of persons you were able to get to sign up to the contest with your link.  
For you to qualify to win, you must be able to get at least 30 points. This means at least 30 persons must have signed up to the contest through the link you shared.
How the winner is picked – The person that has the highest number of points which must be above 30 points wins the contest.
So start talking to your friends and relatives about aeroberry money contest and ask them to sign up to the contest. They have nothing to loose but more to gain. All it will take is sharing the link to your friends and signing up to the contest. Have fun doing this.
Remember, aeroberry is always genuine in their dealings. Somebody surely will win this money. Will it be you ? Surely it will be you. Just put in some little effort and some talking to your friends.
The price to win is $100 USD (Those outside Nigeria) or N30,000 (Naira).
This is the link to the money contest  Click on the link and it will take you to the contest page on Facebook. Type in your email address, your name and surname in the box provided, and click the enter button. This is it. You have registered. You will receive a thank you message there and at your email inbox. The next step will be to start sharing to friends and relative. You must be logged into Facebook for you to be able to register.

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