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10 Things ladies don’t know men notice about them


10 Things men notice about Ladies

Men are masters at noticing the ladies. These are certain things they may have noticed about you that you didn’t even know about.

It’s a common belief that guys are not observant and are not tuned in to women, but they notice a lot more than you might realise. You think that some of these things that you do are your little secret, but, they do know about them really. They just don’t let on that they do. Here are ten of those things that you think guys don’t notice:

1. When you are upset

You think that they are being insensitive, when it seems that they don’t even notice you are upset. They probably have noticed either, but they don’t know how to handle it, or they know it’s their fault!

2. When you check your hair

When you see a guy you like and you unconsciously check your hair in a nearby window, not only do the guys notice, but they also get the message!

3. When you adjust your bra

Those times when you try and make it look like you are rubbing your shoulder, but you are actually putting your bra strap back into place; guys know exactly what you are really doing.

4. When you really dislike another girl

It’s those little scowls and deep sighs that give this one away. If you don’t like another girl, then your man will notice. You simply can’t hide the body language.

5. When you wear your hair differently

Another thing that guys are often accused of, is not noticing it when you change something about your appearance. More than likely they have noticed that something’s different about you, they’re just not sure exactly what, so they won’t risk a comment in case they get it wrong!

6. How you behave around your friends

Most girls get a bit more girly and excitable when their friends are around. When this happens, the guys do notice and they will probably beat a hasty retreat from the scene, if they possibly can.

7. When you go to the bathroom with your friends

When you are out with a group of friends and you all mysteriously need the bathroom at the same time, guys know exactly what’s going on. They know you are going to compare notes and discuss them. No one’s bodies are that finely in tune with one another!

8. When you have a crush on a guy

Don’t think that you can hide it, when you really like a guy, because you can’t. The touches to the hair, the furtive glances, and how your body shifts to face him, will always give the game away here.

9. When you give another girl the evil eye

When another girl shows an interest in your man and you warn her off with a withering, icy look that could kill, men will notice that too. It strokes their ego, but it also scares them, so they will probably step in to lighten the mood.

10. When you make a suggestion that is really a command

Any man with a brain knows that when a girl makes a suggestion, she is really saying do it! The thinly veiled instruction behind a phrase like: ‘Don’t you think that music is a bit loud?’ or ‘This new restaurant in town looks nice’, holds no mystery at all to a man.

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