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Touching !! See how these kids identified their mum though blindfolded

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How powerful is the bond we share with our loved ones, our relatives especially our mum. There is that inner inexpressible connection we share with them. Whenever we see or are close to our loved ones that connection seemed to be triggered. It could be triggered also in distance.

In the touching video below, created by Pandora Jewellery , titled, “The Unique Connection,” a group of children aged three to nine and their mothers were used to experiment the deep unique connection between mother and child. Each child was blindfolded and guided towards the group of mothers.

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One by one the children made their way across the group of moms touching the clothes, hair, faces of the women to identify their mum. The interesting thing is that each of them were able to identity their mum without seeing her. Isn’t this sweet ? What a unique bond that exist between us and our mum.

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