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Sudanese President Depart South Africa Despite Court Order


The president of Sudan Omar Al -Bashir has left South Africa despite a court order restraining him from living the country. According to source, he flew out of South Africa under tight security with his private jet. The question now is wether the president of South knew about his departure and allowed him. However, we learnt that the president of South  Africa, Jacob Zuma gave all the visiting heads of state immunity while they arrived South Africa. With such immunity one would doubt if the court order actually could have any effect on Omar Al – Bashir. All I could say here is that it seems African leaders have learnt now to look after each other considering the fact that some of them have accused the ICC of only targeting African leaders. Moreover, Mugabe at the just concluded African Summit in South Africa accused some African countries of conniving with the western world to kill Mouhama Gaddafi of Libya. One could say his speech could have also had a psychologically effect on Jacob Zuma which made him allow Omar Al – Bashir to live the country without any hindrance.

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