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Snakes On Rampage : Farmer Get’s His Penis Bitten By Snake As He Urinates In A Field

Snakes On Rampage : A Farmer was so unlucky to had been bitten by a snake when nature called.

Snakes On Rampage :

The man who had been working in his fields got more than he bargained for when he took a quick break to take a leak.
From nowhere, a poisonous snake rose up and stung his penis which left it almost withered up and dead.
The farmer, waited for three hours before the pain became unbearable and he rushed to A&E.
Doctors inspected the 46-year-old’s member which had become grossly swollen and was covered in blisters where the bite had made its impact.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the fang marks were obviously visible leading them to search for an antidote.
The incident, which happened in the Himalayas, shocked doctors who probed the man for information on what the creature looked like.
He identified the serpent by using the name ‘gunas’ which was then discovered to be a Levantine viper.
Doctors began to notice the man’s blood was clotting rapidly as the venom travelled around his body and injected him with a drug that neutralised the poison.
He was left in hospital for three days following the attack – and had black wounds where the viper punctured his penis due to necrosis which causes the tissue to wither and die.

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