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Joke: 10 Foolish Questions People Ask


I was speaking with a close friend of mine and we were discussing some “foolish” questions people ask.

Sometimes you’d find yourself in a situation whereby someone asks questions that are obvious and crazy, just expecting you to give an answer of confirmation. The truth is when you go through these questions you’d agree with me that its very true and you’d roll over the floor laughing at the answers given.

I decided to share it with you so we have a laugh together.

  1. I greet someone “good morning ma’! She asks, “my dear you dun wake?”. No oooohhh I dey sleep walk…..
  2. Someone’s phone call wakes you by 2am in the morning from your sleep and the person asks “Are you sleeping?”. Nooo I dey climb your mango tree…
  3. I am seeing a movie…my friend enters and asks “Na film you dey watch?” Nooo… having an interview with Buhari…
  4. You see identical twins, and you are still asking, “Are those twins?” No bros, na picmix….
  5. You see someone covered in blankets, shivering and you ask “Are you cold?” No ma, am playing “dress up”…..


  6. I am in a school shuttle bus going to school, my friend joins me in the bus and asks me “Ah you dey go school?” No bros, I carry knife and yam for bag when I won boil for department”…
  7. My neighbour sees me opening the gates about to drive out and asks me “You dey comot?” “For where! Na me be the new SGM(Senior GateMan”….
  8. PHCN brings the light and everyone is shouting “Up Nepaaa!” and my friend asks “Na light be that?” “No na fire wey dey burn people”..
  9. You see me eating indomie, and you are asking me “Sister na indomie you dey chop?” “No na fried rubber band mixed with pepper”…
  10. You see a lady that just gave birth and you ask her “Madam you dun born?” “Nooo she buy am for OLX”….

Lol…these are some of the foolish questions asked, you could share yours.

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