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The emir of Kano and former CBN governor of Nigeria Muhammadu Sanusi II paid a visit to the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari at his Aso Rock residence on Tuesday night. Whatever they discussed is not yet made known to the media. Maybe time will reveal to us the secret discussion that transpired between them. If an emir in the calibre of the emir of Kano can become a minister in the government of Nigeria, we may be thinking he was invited for that reason, that is if he was invited and not the emir in his own volition paying  him a visit. We are really curious to know what the visit is about. I am thinking the emir may not leave Aso Rock without some economic advise to Buhari. This is my guess. Could it be the emir of Kano would be his secret economic adviser ? I am not against that. I for one will be happy to have somebody like the present emir of Kano be an economic adviser to Buhari knowing his antecedent. Don’t you ? Our economy will be safe with him.

Below are the pictures of the visit :

President Buhari receives Muhammadu Sanusi II Kano Emir President Buhari receives Muhammadu Sanusi II Kano Emir sanu 2

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