Behind the steering wheel sit two 12.3-inch high-resolution TFT screens where much of the techno-magic happens. One replaces traditional analogue gauges with a fully digital set that also communicates radio, navigation and phone info while it’s in use.

It also has an Autoliv night-vision system. This enables it to detect pedestrians on the sidewalks of road at night and highlight them in a red box. Of course this technology reduces roadside accident at night. Good security and technology.

Woven into the S550 are a host of other sensors and functions designed to keep occupants (and pedestrians) as safe as possible. With functions like Pre-safe Plus, the car can detect pedestrians at low speeds and brake autonomously if one is suddenly in the car’s path. The same goes for when the Mercedes detects an imminent rear-end collision, which not only brakes, but does so in a controlled manner to reduce whiplash, as well as controlling seat belt tension as to reduce injury.

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Centered in the dash is the screen for the Mercedes COMAND system. The touchpad in the center console, drivers can flip through the menus that are displayed in an elegant user interface. There’s a menu to adjust everything, from the different available massages afforded by the front seats to the level of potency of the fragrance the climate control has built into it.

It has a built-in web browser. Once you pair your phone to it, you can use the web browser to surf the net. Of course, the driver would not be surfing the net while driving. This feature may be good for the passenger (Buhari).


The cabin is replete with supple Nappa leather surfaces accented by wood trim, contrasted by aluminum touch points in all the spaces in-between.

It has an adaptive damping and suspension system that adjusts to match the approaching road surface. Stereo cameras scan the road ahead to detect uneven terrain, instantaneously communicating that to the on-board computer which optimizes the suspension automatically.