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Obi accepts there was no N75bn Cash.

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The Anambra state governor Chief Willie Obiano have every reason to be happy  because for the first time in many months, his predecessor Mr. Peter Obi through his Media Aide Mr. Val Obienyem accepted on live television that the former governor did not hand over N75bn cash after all. Answering question on Channels Television, Mr. Obienyem accepted that the handover note contained investments and cash but not just N75bn cash. Governor Obiano recently clarified the position of the state finances when he stated that the state never received N75bn cash but investments and cash balance of N9bn only, with liabilities of N78 billion being balance of monies owed to contractors which was never mention in the handover note. Hopefully outcome of the discussion is expected to finally put to rest the speculations about monies in Anambra coffers, as well as the misconceptions that every achievement of the governor is because a lot of money was left for him.

However, one would wonder why should an incumbent government spend his or her time talking about the past government, trying to paint his or her predecessor black. Does such really raise the profile of the incumbent governor. Does it really make the incumbent governor popular among the people.

The people are not fools. They have eyes to see for themselves what the ex-governor did or did not not do. I don’t know what Nigerian politicians take their people for. Do they think their people are fools and morons that do not know their left from their right ? I think the best way to outshine a past government is to work and let the people see and feel what you are doing. They will like you and appreciate your work. It may take some time to do so but it will surely come. Spending money on useless propaganda to paint one’s predecessor black is a waste of one’s state money on frivolities. The money could be used to do better things for the people of the state.

How I wish Obiano and Obi would reconcile their differences so that Obiano would focus on getting the job done. The people of Anambra state would appreciate it more than listening to the issue of N75bn. Anambrarians want to see Obiano change the face of Anambra for good in all ramifications. This is why they voted for him. Obiano should have this in his mind.

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