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Louisiana Theater Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire During ‘Trainwreck’ Screening

Last night, Thursday night, a gunman was reported to have pulled the trigger and shot two people dead and wounded nine others some of whom are said to be in a critical state at the moment. This took place at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States of American. It is really sad that the story of gunmen shooting down innocent people in the streets and cinemas in the US is almost becoming a reoccurring event that seems to be beyond the control of the authorities. In 2007 it was Seung-Hui Cho in Virginia killing about 32 people. In December 2012 it was Adam Lanza at Connecticut gunning down about 28 people including a large number of children. In September 2013, it was Aaron Alexis killing about 12 people in Washington Navy Yard. The list continues. What can one say could be the cause of all these nefarious acts. I think it is something everyone in the States need to be concerned about and make in-depth study to get to the root.  Could it be blamed in the availability of guns to every dick and harry in the States. It is devastating for families to continue to hear that their loved ones are gunned down almost daily in schools, theatres, road-sides and even in military or navy bases.

Lafayette police chief, Jim Craft identified the man to be a 58 years old white man who had a criminal history but not of present. His name is not yet released. According to the police he used a handgun to cause the havoc and at the end took his own life. Craft said, the ages of the victims affected by the shooting ranges from the late teens to the 60s.

Officials reported that the gunman appears to have entered the theater alone. “We don’t believe there’s anybody else involved,” Louisiana State Police Col. Michael Edmonson told reporters. There were approximately 100 people inside the theater when the shooting took place, Edmonson said.

Authorities have located what they believe is the gunman’s car and called in the bomb squad after “suspicious” items were seen inside, Edmonson told reporters.

Gov. Bobby Jindal praised the actions of two teachers inside the theater who performed what he called acts of heroism as gunfire erupted: A teacher jumped to protect another teacher, potentially saving her life, and the second managed to pull the fire alarm, he said.

“Both teachers ended up shot. The second one, the one whose life was saved, even though she was shot in the leg, she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm to help save other lives,” he said.

At least one shooting victim had been released from the hospital by Thursday night, and another was in surgery and “not doing well,” Craft said. One of the people wounded was identified by her family as Allister Viator Martin. “All we know is that she was injured and she is in the hospital,” her uncle said.

Investigators are trying to determine what motivated the shooting.

“What brought the guy in there, why did he go in there by himself, why did he go in to the theater and why did he decide to pull a weapon out and to harm individuals — and actually kill two individuals,” Edmonson said. “We need to find that out, but it’s going to take time to do that,” he said.

Louisiana State Police, University of Louisiana-Lafayette police, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were assisting local police. Police were deployed to other theaters in Lafayette as a precaution, Craft said.

“I know a lot of us are horrified and shocked,” said Jindal, who quickly went to Lafayette. “I think I speak for every mom and dad who just wants to hug their kids.”

Jindal added: “This is an awful night for Lafayette. This is an awful night for Louisiana. This is an awful night for the United States.”

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