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Long Distance Relationship Advice


Well I am not even going to try to sugar-coat it because if you’ve been there you will know a fact that Long Distance Relationships (LDRs), not properly handled, really sucks.

Although some people are thrown into this due to the responsibilities of today’s world, trying to make a living and thus have to stay away from their partner for a period of time. Like I said LDRs suck but with the right commitment, communication, and simple adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle, long distance relationships can actually be very stable.

For a period of time it has become increasingly difficult to handle a long distance relationship sometimes it even leads to the end of the relationship; hence everybody is looking for a way out in other to make their long distance relationship WORK.
Need I say that there are some very cool and effective ways to make our long distance relationships more interesting and let me add, FUN! Try these tips below and be sure to have a successful long distance relationship.

1. Define Your Relationship.
First things first, you MUST know your relationship status. Are you just friends with this person? Are you more than friends? Do you have a love connection/ are you officially dating? This is extremely important step as you and your significant other both know where you stand and hence avoid any misunderstandings regarding your boundaries. Sometimes ladies fall for this trap; a guy may be telling you how loving, beautiful, intelligent, smart, and so on, you are, literally telling you how NICE it would be for you both to in a relationship and yet still hasn’t defined the relationship. Girl, sit your bum down without being committed until he makes it known to you what he wants officially. This is so important because save you great headache, heartache and misunderstandings later on.

2.  Communication
Very Important! You should not under estimate the power of communication. Both of you are miles apart and communication is one major act that keeps the relationship brewing. Since you won’t be seeing each other in person, it’s important to establish and maintain an emotional connection as often as you can. Frequent communication, no matter how minor, will show that you care enough to put in the time and effort into the relationship and it’s easier to keep up to date with each other’s lives. If you allow large gaps or days to pass by, your everyday experiences fade into the background, and you will have to start from scratch every time you speak. It would be better to know your partner’s preferred method for communication for example, calls, texts, emails, social media or Skype to know what works best for you both in other to keep up with little daily activities of your lives. While doing this remember to inculcate your individual schedules so as to have the best times to communicate.

3.  Visit Often
Try to make the time to visit each other as often as possible or as often as your budgets and personal schedules permits. Face-to-face communication is just as important as having relationship satisfaction, commitment, and trust. Visiting makes the relationship feel real, but not so much that it starts getting stressful. Last-minute visits can be fun, just make sure you know his schedule so your dropping by won’t interfere with his plans. It’s smart to call a few days beforehand—that way you give him a heads-up, while still maintaining the excitement factor. Another tip is to create your own rituals around your visits, like going to a favourite restaurant, playing some games, or sharing a favourite activity.


4. Be Honest
If you want to take one tin from me, take this. Trust in a relationship is vital, regardless of distance. This is important, even in the traditional close by relationship. Always be honest about everything you have to say to your partner. I am not talking about stupid things like “why didn’t you pick up the call” or “why you were doing work at 2 am in the morning”. I am talking about more serious stuff like discussing your sex life, money problem in your relationship, control issues and off course your social circle. If you will tell a lie, one day or another you will be exposed. And if you are exposed wile your partner is miles away, you might not get a chance to explain yourself. So stay honest and faithful to your partner.

5. Be Supportive and Encouraging to your partner
Whenever you are communicating to your partner via technology, don’t forget to be caring and gentle in your words. This long distance relationship advice is sure to make a mark on your partner. Ask them about their job, studies, and their new life. If they are not feeling well, ask them about their health. Be happy and cheerful when you talk to your partner because they need positive energy when they are away from you. Support each other, even over the distance. You should be the person your partner wants to relate tender situations with so be there for your partner in trouble, hurt, or for whatever reason. You need to make yourself available to help so your partner knows you care. If they are facing difficulties, try to encourage them, and if you can alleviate the challenge through your connections, do that. Show them your support and trust. If your partner ends up dealing with important issues alone, your partner will eventually not need you. Instead, supporting each other creates an interdependence that is crucial for a long distance relationship.

6. Create connections
It’s important to feel like you have a place in your partner’s life. Try meeting one another’s friends, online or off. When he comes visiting, involve him with your regular routine, have a few date nights with your friends, take him with you to the gym, supermarket and church. This will help you understand more of your partner’s life and make communication easier.


7. One Time You Should Never Text
It’s bad enough to fight with your guy and not be able to see or touch him, but it’s even worse if you can’t hear his voice…so never argue via text or IM. Remember that because you can’t read each other’s body language, you’ll need to really listen, as well as be super honest about how you feel. If you’re upset about something, discuss it over the phone—or even better Skype or IMO.

8. Send Him GIFTS
Yes you heard me! Send him gifts! We ladies often don’t see this as important, but it is. It may not really be something big but little things like this makes him feel special and lets him know that you care. Jumai, konga and other online shopping markets would enable you achieve this easier. If its his birthday and due to the circumstance you wouldn’t be able to make it you could order a package and surprise him. If he got a promotion, order a bottle of champagne and then toast together over Skype or IMO, or send small gifts, cards, or flowers for no reason.

9. Set-up Long Distance Dates
This would help in increasing the bond in the relationship and also give you a new way to communicate. You might watch the same movie that you start at the same time and text each other comments throughout, order the same kind of takeout and set up IMO on your mobile phones, Instagram your workouts, or create a special Twitter hashtag just for you two.

10. Get Something Doing
If you do not have a job or have something doing with yourself use the time you’re not together to sign up for an entrepreneurial class for example, learning make up, how to make beads, photography class, cooking lessons, or learning to play tennis. This would help keep you busy and staying busy helps keep your mind off missing him, plus makes you a better, happier GF in the long run.

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