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Live Healthy -:- 3 Vital Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water No .3 Is A Must See.

3 Vital Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Boy drinking water
Boy drinking water

Take a look at the list of warning signs below and see if you are one of the 75%. Maybe you should even drink a glass of water while you read it.
Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough H2O

Thirst – if your mouth is dry and you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

1 . ] Dry skin – this is one of the earliest signs that your body is chronically dehydrated. Another clue is if you are working out and your body is not producing much sweat, you are dehydrated. Your skin needs to stay hydrated and your body needs to be able to cool its temperature through sweating.

2. ] Dry eyes – dry, itchy eyes is a sign that your tear ducts are dry as a result from lack of hydration.
Reduced urination – a healthy amount of water consumption will result in potty breaks 4-7 times per day. If you are peeing less than this, you need to up your intake of water.

3 . ] Premature aging – if the body is low on water, your skin will show it. Skin that is hydrated will look plump and full and radiant; skin that is dehydrated will sag and increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In addition, the older you are, the harder it is for your body to retain water, so the more water you need to consume regularly.

Tips on Incorporating More Water into Your Day

If you experience one/some of these signs, you very well may be dehydrated and need to increase your water intake immediately and consistently. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated:

Create a habit – get in the habit of drinking a large glass of water (at least 8 oz) every morning when you wake up. Even better, drink one full glass of water before every meal.

Set a reminder – whether on your computer, your watch, or your phone, set reminders throughout the day to drink a glass of water. Once you get into the habit of drinking water often throughout the day, you won’t need those reminders anymore and it will become second nature.

Get a water bottle – having your own BPA-free reusable water bottle will encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. Sip on it in the car, waiting in line at the store, at your desk, or while watching television.

It is so crucial that your body stays hydrated. Afterall, 70% of your body is made of water; how can it function properly if it doesn’t have enough? For the average adult, it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of at least 8 ounces of water every day. When you are outside or if you are larger than the “average” adult, you will need even more. So go get yourself that water bottle, set your reminders, and drink to your health!

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