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Katty Perry >Taylor Swift Is a Hypocrite


The fact that there is a “bad blood” between Katty Perry and Taylor Swift is getting clearer day by day. Katty Perry “Roar” hitmaker and Taylor Swift, are embroiled in a feud, having dated one man, John Mayer. This feud is believed to be the inspiration behind Swifts latest track “Bad Blood”. Check Swifts “Bad Blood” track here

Recently, Katty Perry had to lash out at Taylor Swift calling her a hypocrite. Yeah she indirectly referred to her as an hypocrite in her twit,

The bases of the twit was that Katty Perry was siding with Nicki Minaj and lashing out on Swift on a recent Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift twitter feud.

Nicki Minaj was annoyed that she was only nominated for 3 VMA award with her hit song  ‘anaconda’ being overlooked for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Video. To vent her anger, she twitted,

Taylor Swift took this very personal. Personally I did not see any connection between the twits and Taylor Swift but she felt concerned. The truth here is that there may be something we don’t know. These celebrities know when one is referring to the other even in vague terms. However the twit seems to suggest Nicki is taken a swipe at the organisers of the MTV award. Regardless, Taylor Swift replied Nicki’s twit by saying,

Now, we may say Taylor Swift thought Nicki Minaj was referring to her because she got 9 VMA nomination of high category while Nicki had only 3 of low category. Did I hear you say “Bad Blood” ? Who is jealous here ?

Do not drift away from our main point of this article. The main crux here is about Katty Perry and Taylor Swift. Have you forgotten ? haha…

It was this twitter brouhaha between Nicki and Taylor that attracted Katty Perry. She had to take side and she fell for Nicki. Why ? ‘Bad Blood” – Katty and Taylor feud.

To side with Nicki, she twitted, ‘Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman…’ 

Shortly afterwards, Minaj favorited the tweet.

Perry later tweeted: ‘The real travesty is where is the shine for #BBHMMVideo when VMA eligibility period was 7/7/14-7/1/15 and that gem dropped 7/1… @MTV (sic)’

We are really interested to see how far the Katty/Swift feud would go. We keep you posted.

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  1. It is hard to disagree with Katy Perry points, Taylor Swift is a hypocrite, and even her biggest fans can’t legitimately argue that she isn’t in this senario. Taylor Swift would be wise to apologize.

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