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Jobs Wives Hate: Our wives stopped sleeping with us because of our jobs

Jobs Wives Hate
Jobs Wives Hate

Three sets of jobs serving humanity have caused Nigerian men doing them some serious issues with their families, one of their wives said :

If I knew your job was related to corpses, I won’t have married you


Mr. Segun Adeleye had thought all was well with him as an undertaker. The money was not really much, but it was enough for him to get married and start a family. That was 22 years ago. He had got married a few years after getting the job, explaining to his fiancee by simplifying his job – it was all about picking corpses and taking them to the mortuary or to the cemetery for burial. That was until the wife got to learn about the horrible details involved and the unexpected movements, when he could be called at any time of the day to face corpses.

“My wife once told me that if she knew my job involved going to mortuary almost on a daily basis, she would not have married me”, says Mr. Adeleye, who started off as a mortuary attendant but now has his own funeral home on Lagos Island, Lagos State.

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