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Is she begging Kanye West for sex?

This is hard to believe!

Is Kim Kardashian begging Kanye West for sex? So says very close sources

Is Kim Kardashian begging Kanye West for sex? So says very close sources (eonline)

One of the sexiest woman in the world, Kim Kardashian has resolved to begging for sex from her husband of eight months, Kanye West!

Close sources say Kim – who hasn’t seen Kanye in three weeks – thinks her husband is putting more time into his work than finding time to sleep in her bed.

“It sounds ridiculous that the biggest sex symbol of our generation is having to beg for sex but that’s exactly whats happening!,” a source close to the couple told a US entertainment website.

Kimye rocking sexiness this good

Kimye rocking sexiness this good (eonline)

“Kanye loves Kim and is always telling her it’s not that he doesn’t want to have sex with her, it’s just that he’s been busy with work. He’s been traveling constantly, and doesn’t feel comfortable having Kim drag little Nori around the world,” the source added.

Latest reports further claim that the 36-year-old rapper is planning on making Kim become a stay at home mom which means, she would stop working!

Many are suspecting that Kim needs more sex so she could have another baby.

“For Kim and Kanye to have another baby they have to have sex, which is happening less and less often,” continues the source. “She’s 34 and knows having a baby, and getting her body back, will only get harder as she gets older.”

We see her point but do you think Kanye is really not giving Kim K enough of sex?

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